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The DCEU's Gotham City Sirens will bring us more of Margot Robbie as wildcard Harley Quinn, who is joining forces with the ever-so-fierce Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Considering that fans were thrilled when Warner Bros. announced the movie, the studio hasn't capitalized on the hype with any further announcements yet.

Tons of rumors are out there on which actress is playing the Green Goddess, Poison Ivy, but less so for Selina Kyle. Haley Bennett was the only one to tease a possible Catwoman role — until now. Enter Baby Driver's Eiza Gonzalez.

On Gonzalez's Instagram story, she showed off a new "uniform" that is extremely reminiscent of 's. Could she be our Princess of Plunder in the ?

While this is purely speculation — and could be nothing more than Gonzalez showing off her wardrobe — it isn't the first rumor on her being cast in the DCEU. She first caught fans' attention when she followed director David Ayer, along with the film's executive producer and star, Margot Robbie, and head of the DCEU, Geoff Johns, on social media. We also know that Gonzalez is a casual comic book geek who's specifically partial to DC.

Gonzalez is a popular fancast for Catwoman, and here's why she would be a perfect fit for the role:

Gonzalez Is Already Familiar With Playing A Bisexual Badass

Thanks to Gonzalez's character in horror series From Dusk till Dawn, Santanico Pendemonium, playing Catwoman wouldn't be the actress's first time portraying a strong, bisexual lead. Queer comic readers had already connected with Catwoman for decades, and when her bisexuality became canon in 2015, that connection strengthened even more.

Much like Selina, Gonzalez's character on From Dusk was seductive and powerful, but her sexuality never defined her (the latter is an essential component of positive representation). With Gonzalez's experience, playing a powerful character like Catwoman would only come naturally.

Giving Catwoman A Latina Actress Would Acknowledge The Character's Cuban Heritage

Not only is Catwoman important to the queer community, but also to women of color. The character's critically acclaimed comic series by Ed Brubaker established that Selina is half-Cuban. Her heritage hasn't been acknowledged much in continuity since, but that doesn't diminish its truth or significance.

Casting Gonzalez as Selina in Sirens would acknowledge the character's roots, give Latina women visibility, and bring more diversity to the superhero film world.

The Age Difference Between Gonzalez And Batfleck Shouldn't Matter

A major concern that plenty of fans have with DCEU casting is the actors' ages, particularly due to possible romantic pairings. Catwoman and 's complicated love affair is widely known, and the couple's admirers are hoping to see it in Sirens. But the nearly 20-year age gap between Gonzalez and Ben Affleck makes some doubt her chances as Catwoman. It shouldn't. I don't recall anyone batting an eye at Margot Robbie and Jared Leto's age gap during Suicide Squad, do you?

At this rate, we don't even know if the BatCat romance will be included in Sirens. Catwoman will have a main role in this film, and if it takes after the comics, she might even be the team's leader. We deserve to see the Selina Kyle we've known and loved for years, rather than witness her depicted as simply Batman's girlfriend. Above all, what matters most is how an actor depicts the essence of his or her character, not how they'll match up as a love interest.

With San Diego Comic Con coming up, we're longing to receive official news on casting for Catwoman, Ivy and more in Gotham City Sirens. Here's hoping that Gonzalez has the Catwoman role — if not, there's always Zatanna!

Would you like to see Eiza Gonzalez as Catwoman in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below!


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