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Rob Zombie is a breath of fresh air in a horror genre littered with more of the same tired tropes. I love that Zombie has created his own niche and continues making insane films that appease his fans while bringing new Zombie-ites into the fold. His 21st century horror films have built a loyal cult following, while the likes of The Devil's Rejects was voted one of the top 21st century horror films and House of 1000 Corpses is considered to be one of the best horror films not on a "best of" list.

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Here are five reasons why Rob Zombie fans will love his latest film 31.

1. Rob Zombie Turns Everything Up To 11

31 features all of the customary Zombie traits (violence, profanity) and brings back some very familiar faces. His films always feel uniquely, unmistakably Rob Zombie. He has managed to build his own niche in the horror genre that complements his other works. When you watch as many horror films as I do, it's nice when something different is released. And 31 is very different — it turns everything up to 11, exaggerating the bloody and bonkers world that Zombie has created.

Trust me, they don't look like this at the end.
Trust me, they don't look like this at the end.

2. It Is In No Way Mainstream

Don't worry folks, Zombie hasn't gone corporate. 31 is anti-mainstream and you can tell everyone involved in the production loved making it. It is grimy, gross and filled with an independent spirit that recalls the late 1960s and early 1970s. This is something that you could watch in a grungy theater and feel totally at home.

Zombie made 31 in honor of old-school exploitation films. It's not a reactive film, and it feels like it came out of nowhere. I love that there are still directors who exist in the world, attempting to make dirty underground films that relish in gore, set design and filming on a shoestring.

"So, the next scene we are going to blow somebody up. Cool?"
"So, the next scene we are going to blow somebody up. Cool?"

3. Doom-Head Is A Great Villain

Richard Brake's Doom-Head out-Jokers the Joker and proves to be a formidable killing machine. Doom-Head is literate, dirty, gross, effective and fully self-aware. You won't find a more original and destructive psychopathic killer in any recent horror film. I'd love to see more of Doom-Head, and I hope this character nets Brake some greats roles in the future.

4. Rob Zombie Has Built A New Horror World

The universe of 31 plays like The Most Dangerous Game met The Running Man and spawned a Saw-esque torture movie. In a horror landscape brimming with remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels, I like that Zombie is attempting to build a new world. Whether it be House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects or Lords of Salem, we know that we are getting something unique.

With further exploration, Zombie could fine-tune the 31 world into something truly terrifying and fun. I hope this film is a success so that it propels Zombie into creating further misadventures featuring this memorable cast of miscreants.

5. There Is Gore Aplenty

Yes, there is a lot of blood, carnage and lost limbs in this flick. If you're looking for a gore explosion, you've come to the right place. I found myself shocked at the ultraviolence and was impressed at all the creative usages of various weapons (chainsaw, bat, knife, pipe, etc.). Clearly, considerable attention to detail was placed on the blood geysers, which is especially impressive, seeing as the film was shot in just 20 days.

Evil clowns = lots of blood.
Evil clowns = lots of blood.

The grease-painted clowns from 31 are their own twisted brand of masked horror villain. 31 is released VOD on September 16. Check out the video below to get behind the mask of some other iconic horror villains:

What is your favorite Rob Zombie film?


Favorite Rob Zombie film.


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