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In this day and age there is always talk of which princess children should look up to. There are many obvious choices, such as the strong-willed Merida from Brave. Personally, I think the best example to follow is Fiona from Shrek. There are plenty of reasons why and I'm going to list just four of them.

1. She Isn't Unrealistically Sized

All you hear is how all the Disney princesses are too thin to be real. Of course they aren't real, but no they aren't realistically sized. Fiona is a full-figured woman and she rocks it!

2. She Could Rescue Herself

Many of the original princesses that most talk about couldn't really defend themselves and completely relied on their respective princes. In the scene above we can see how capable Fiona actually is. She is a strong woman and a force to be reckoned with.

3. Strong Leader

Fiona is a take charge kind of leader. She made sure that she and the other princesses were kept safe. When they were all giving up hope Fiona rallied her fellow princesses so that they could escape. She really is a strong leader among them and doesn't back down.

4. Real Mother Situations

Yes, this scene is mostly about how Shrek handles it all, but let's focus on what Fiona is doing. She goes through out her day the same way — day in and day out — without complaint. Fiona is exactly what every mom has to do: changing diapers, getting woke up by little humans that look like you, and all the household chores. While it is all worth it, it's not always easy. I'm a stay-at-home mom and it's not always easy to do. She does it all calmly and makes it look easy. She's doing what real mothers do and Fiona is a pro at it.

These reasons are why I think Fiona is a great role model for young girls. She is more than just a pretty face and has many qualities to admire and imitate. Fiona is a strong, capable, and realistic princess who should always be brought up when talking about the best princesses.

And who wouldn't need a little patience when you've got a big family and a donkey for a companion?

What are your thoughts on Princess Fiona?


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