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Norman Gensel Jr

Everyone knows the feeling of sitting down to watch your all-time movie classics. It is one of the most amazing things you can do as a hardcore movie buff. You sit down and remember what you were doing and where you were the first time you saw it. Well with all of the recent reboots we keep seeing nowadays, I started thinking about movies that should get another more updated chance in the limelight of Hollywood. Hopefully you, my fellow fans will feel the same as I do.

I remember The Guyver when I was younger. It was a really crazy story of ancient alien armor, and zoanoids with the ability to change or morph into mammal, reptile, insect, or alien beings. It was actually quite good for the time it was made, and the sequel was not half bad either (again considering the time, and the budget it had). It was a great thought, but unfortunately it was a victim of the technology at the time. The make up artistry was getting better in leaps and bounds by artists like Carlo Rambaldi, and Dale Kuipers to name a few. The movie tech was also growing, but still mediocre at extreme best as compared to that of today. Now with CG becoming more prevalent in more and more movies, and make up artists like Greg Nicitero of AMC'S The Walking Dead, these things can really make a story like The Guyver come to life in a very extreme new way, and with 3D growing as well, the sky is the limit.

Now personally I love the movies even if they are corny, and extremely dated to the 80's. I think the folks at some of the big movie companies need to take a look at this movie, and give it the reboot it so rightly deserves. So I ask you fellow readers- What do you think? Should it be remade, or is it not worth the time? If you fellow fans have any casting ideas or script ideas for a new Guyver reboot, go ahead and post them below, and follow me so we can cause a stir on the web about this. Maybe the right set of eyes will come across this and make it happen. Also, do any of you fans and geeks remember a show called The Ronin Warriors(U.S. Release Name)? That is another story that would make an extremely great live action film. So what say you, The Fans? Post your thoughts and lets get this storm a brewin'.


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