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The Universe easily has some of the most powerful superheroes in fiction. Some are very popular (, , ) while some are very underrated. , for example. Well in this article I'll be telling you why Tony Stark/Iron Man is easily one of Marvel's more powerful superheroes!

He Has Extraordinary Strength

Iron Man has shown amazing strength throughout not only his movies, but in his comics as well. He's been known to rip planes is half, lift cars with one hand, and even take out with a single blow.

Insane Durability

Not only does he have super strength, but he also has some insane durability, which is very important for any superhero or villain. He's taken multiple hits from Sentry, survived against Thor, and has even taken punches from the Hulk himself without any damage.

He's Super Fast

Some heroes are based off of speed alone like Quicksilver and . Iron Man has strength, durability and even super speed. He's gone FTE (Faster than eyesight), has dodged attacks from , has gone so fast he destroyed a tank, and even escaped a black hole!

Epic Weapons

One of the things that makes Iron Man so powerful is of course his large arsenal of weapons. He has omni-directional blasts, can release 10,000 volts, a global EMP, and even has multi-directional repulsor blasts.

Has Taken On Insanely Tough Opponents

So what does Iron Man do with all those weapons and all that speed? Well, most of the time he's taking on insanely powerful people such as Sentry, Hulk, Thor, Onslaught, and even the Phoenix Force.

One Of Marvel's Smartest Heroes

What makes all the speed, durability, and strength possible? Yep, his intelligence. Iron Man is easily one of the smartest being in the Marvel Universe. He's hacked Dr. Doom, understands Japanese, has built a flying car, has built a symbiote-based suit, and has even disrupted Thanos's cosmic power.

Let's not forget all those times when Iron Man made us collectively say "WTF?"

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Is Iron Man easily a force to be reckoned with?


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