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Anna Jefferies

More details have emerged in the continuing saga of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Christmas!

For some time now, rumors have spreading that the two planned to spend the festive period together, however now it seems a proverbial spanner may have been thrown in the works. According to, Kristen is reluctant to see Robert as she's afraid it'll cause tension with his family. An anonymous source explained:

Kristen would love to see Rob in London but she doesn't want to be the source of any tension between Rob and his sisters. She feels like she's in good terms with Rob's mom after all the cheating drama. If things were different with the rest of his family, she would be there for Christmas, but she still has concerns. The last thing she wants is to bring any drama whatsoever to Rob's world.

Apparently, Pattinson's family have been resistant to Kristen ever since it emerged she cheated on Rob with director Rupert Sanders. The source continued:

Pattinson's sisters think that she is a bad influence on Robert.

However, it seems Rob has fully forgiven Kristen, even going so far to contact her to congratulate her on her latest film. The source stated:

Rob reached out to Kristen to congratulate her for Camp X-Ray being selected for Sundance. They talked for awhile and by the end of the conversation he invited her to come see him in London. Not sure if she's 100% going to take him up on it, but she was just so happy.

What do you think? Do you even care where she spends her Christmas?


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