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The Emmy awards show will grace our TV screens on September 18th with glamorous red carpet appearances from our favorite TV actors who will wait eagerly for the shiny, golden angel-shaped prizes up for grabs. Back in March, beloved talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to announce to the world that he'll be stepping into the host's cummerbund for the second time.

The king of irreverence has been the host of late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live since 2003 on CBS. There are very few people who can perform monologues, rip into celebrities and himself so well and make it seem so effortless. While we're impatiently waiting for the Emmys, let's take a look at why Kimmel is without a doubt the ideal Emmy host.

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1. He Knows How To Make Fun Of Hollywood

The most important task for any Emmy host is to try and deflate as many humongous egos as possible. The opening monologue sets the tone for the whole show and it's important to make sure the winners and the losers all have a good time but also that they're comfortable making fun of themselves. Different hosts open in different ways; for instance, Ricky Gervais is famous for being borderline hostile toward the celebrity guests. Kimmel rides a fine line between poking fun at others, self-deprecation and making fun of the whole profession of show business.

2. He Can Improvise With The Best Of Them

Watch Jimmy chuck the script out the window:

At the 2015 ceremony, while announcing the award for the Best Male Performance in a Comedy TV Show. Kimmel went off script and started improvising some hilarious bits he had most likely thought of backstage. Instead of reading from the teleprompter, he started talking about the power he has as the announcer: He could declare anyone the winner and people would have to believe him. To demonstrate his newfound power, he ate the card that announces the winner to destroy the evidence. He then declared Jeffrey Tambor as the recipient of the resplendent statue, but how can we tell he was the actual winner?

3. He Has A Special Relationship With Actors

Watch Kimmel go after the Damon-Affleck bromance below:

Talk show hosts make a living out of chatting to celebrities and making it seem like a natural, everyday conversation — even though it's filmed in front of 200 people and is broadcast around the world. Needless to say, it's tougher than it looks but Jimmy excels at building special relationships with celebrities by asking the awkward questions other talk show hosts are afraid to ask and including the celebrities in comedy sketches. For instance, during the early days of the show, Jimmy Kimmel developed a joke rivalry with Matt Damon: He would tease him by inviting him on the show and then pretend to not have enough time for him. This adorable rivalry got personal when Kimmel went after Ben Affleck, Matt Damon's bro and partner in crime since Good Will Hunting.

4. He Connects The Celebrities With The People Watching At Home

Check out some celebrities getting demolished below:

Kimmel was the first talk show host to embrace social media and use it to connect with the audience at home. He is famous for introducing a lot of comedy bits that went viral and became running gags. One of his most famous running gags is, of course, Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets, which is, well, pretty self explanatory. There's no better feeling than seeing a famous actor or athlete being deflated, angered or disappointed by some of the most hostile insults ever aired on TV. Kimmel bridges the gap between the photoshopped, glamorous world of Hollywood and you and me on our couches, covered in Doritos at home, by giving us an opportunity to voice how we really feel about Tom Hanks or Jon Hamm.

5. He Owns The Stage

The last couple of years have seen some new Emmys hosts attempt to take the reigns with mixed results. Andy Samberg hosted back in 2015 and did a great job, but there were moments where he felt rushed and flustered. It was almost as if the audience could feel the pressure of the lights and the impressive personalities in the auditorium as he buckled. Kimmel is a deceptively commanding presence on stage, his laid back attitude and comedy style allow him to control the show at his pace. In the video above, we see him go off on a detour when he spots Matthew McConaughey in the audience. In this moment it feels like it's just the two of them together in that massive auditorium, and whether Kimmel is filling time or going off on a tangent, he seamlessly controls the rhythm of the show like a host should.

Who do you think was the best Emmys host?


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