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In the past few months, with reports emerging on what appears to be a sort of reconciliation between and , rumors started to swirl that a wedding between KStew and RPattz might actually be imminent. For those Robsten shippers out there keeping their fingers crossed in hope of an idyllic nuptial cerenomy, I am sorry to say that I carry unfortunate news: it ain't too likely at the moment.

Although gossip has, as should be expected, been pretty inconsistent on the topic (some sources affirm Rob is starting to kindle a romance with Dylan Penn, others that he is still tremendously in love with Kristen and that they will fall into each other's arms in forgiveness and affection any time now), there are two good reasons for doubting that the wedding bells are about to toll for the Hollywood couple. Provided by the Australian portal IB Times, they seem pretty commonsensical to me; you, dear readers, are free to arrive at your own conclusions, of course.

  • 1) They aren't getting married soon because Rob has to leave the country to work his arse off. A source told Hollywood Life that:

Rob is leaving the country in less than a month and has back to back projects.

  • 2) They aren't getting married anytime soon because Rob needs his family's official blessing. Having a busy schedule isn't the only concern for RPattz: as a man with a strong attachment to his relatives, there is no way he would walk down an aisle without the expressed consent from the rest of his family. The source explains:

Rob's family is of the utmost importance to him and he wouldn't get married to anyone without their blessing. You have to remember that Rob and Kristen have very different upbringings. Rob is not going to put a ring on someone's finger, including Kristen's, unless he wholeheartedly knows the marriage will be a lifelong commitment.

Latest reports have it that Kristen is planning on cooking a special Thanksgiving dinner for Rob before he departs for his long shooting commitments. What do you think? Are those two headed for a marital engagement (albeit with an unwanted delay), or will it be a particularly chilly day in Hell before we see KStew putting on that white veil for reals and staringly at her Edward with glazy eyes and a haunted, melancholic look? I, for one, don't think they're in a terrible rush towards the altar.

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