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Whether the walkouts reported during Sundance's premiere of Kuso were exaggerated or not, musician Flying Lotus has smeared a giant shit across the walls of human decency with his directorial debut. Through its surreal exploration of nightmarish sex and otherworldly , Kuso makes A Serbian Film look like Sesame Street in comparison. Hell, even Salò is a walk in the park compared to this collection of sordid tales, each more depraved and vomit-inducing than the last.

At one point, a character starring in Kuso aptly summarizes the movie's arthouse aspirations and unique obsession with bodily fluids, describing some footage of genital mutilation as art:

“This is art. This is shit. Art is shit.”

Kuso intersperses a surprising amount of commentary on racial tension between all of the actual shit on display, but that's mostly drowned out in the literal waves of urine, feces and semen that floods the screen throughout. Don't believe us? Join us as we describe five of the most grotesque moments from Kuso and try our best not to add vomit into the mix.

1. Amateur Vasectomy Gone Wrong

'Kuso' [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]
'Kuso' [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]

While hanging out at home and smoking weed, two trans-dimensional yeti creatures enjoy nothing more than watching genitals on TV. Just like anyone else, right? Wrong. In this case, a metal rod of some kind is violently rammed into the urethra of some poor guy's penis. Suffice to say, there's a lot of blood and a hell of a lot more cringing from male members of the audience.

2. Don't Try This At Home, Kids

While the pair casually watch as some guy's junk is violently attacked, Kazo and Mazu also discuss their flatmate's unwanted fetus and how best to deal with it. After the abortion clinic simply provides B with a coat hanger to use, the group decide to cut corners and forcibly remove the fetus from her body. Thought this amateur abortion was grisly? Nothing compares to the way that Kazo and Mazu then end up smoking the unborn baby like a joint.

3. Is Mr. Quiggle Even A Real Doctor?

Mastrophobia may not rank up there with the likes of claustrophobia and arachnophobia, but for people who genuinely fear breasts, hypnosis and therapy are often their only means of salvation. Of course, there are also those patients who are cured thanks to cockroach-like creatures that live inside of their doctor's anus. That's right. There's a scene in Kuso where a patient sings a cappella songs to his doctor's bare ass in order to coax out a large bug called Mr. Quiggle. Upon ingesting the creature's bodily fluids, the patient is then miraculously cured of mastrophobia, but probably has a whole new set of psychological issues to deal with as a response.

4. Lost In The Concrete Jungle

Kuso [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]
Kuso [Credit: Brainfeeder Films]

We've all been there — you're hanging out in the city when all of a sudden, you lose your baby down a dark portal and end up having your legs conjoined with another woman before being eaten by some turd-like creature. While you're down there, you might as well chew on a block of concrete, right? Who needs teeth anyway.

5. Happy Endings For All

Those of you who didn't walk out of a screening or pass out from vomiting too much may recall the final scene of Kuso, where a man called Kenneth discovers that his girlfriend has hidden a talking boil on her neck. Rather than simply discuss literature with this sentient growth or even remark on the weather, Kenneth realizes that the only way he can live in harmony with this mutated monstrosity is for the boil to fellate him. Cue the world's most disturbing blowjob scene, complete with a tiny, semen-soaked mouth that can't help but compliment the taste of Kenneth's semen. In a dystopian world ravaged by earthquakes and mutation, that's probably the best kind of happy ending that anyone could hope for.

During an interview with The Guardian, remarked that the most grotesque scenes from Kuso may affect audiences in different ways, suggesting even that:

“... this movie might turn some people on, which is scary... There’s so much awkwardness in sex that doesn’t get shown enough. Like when the ‘sex spell’ gets broken, and you have to get it going again.”

Whether turned you on or turned you celibate probably depends largely on your upbringing and current state of mind. Suffice it to say though, anyone who derived sexual pleasure from one of the grossest movies screened yet at Sundance may do well considering a visit to the doctor's office of Mr. Quiggle.

What do you think is the most disgusting scene in Kuso? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source: The Guardian)


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