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Last week was a big week for women in . It began with news that Nicole Kidman was in talks to play the role of Aquaman's mother in Aquaman. We then saw the introduction of Gypsy on The Flash. That episode also included a strong storyline for Iris West — she was seen fearlessly taking on drug lords. Arrow also had perhaps the biggest storyline for a woman. We got to see a new Black Canary (which was desperately needed) and we learned that the reason Oliver became the Green Arrow was because of Talia al Ghul.

Nicole Kidman

OK, so this may not have been the biggest news, but it was still important nonetheless. Kidman is an Oscar-winning actress and seemingly a great pick to play the role of Aquaman's mother. There have been a few different storylines for Aquaman's mother in the comics, so it will be interesting to see which one DC decides to adapt in their movies.

Fearless Iris West

It's fair to say that the reporter side of Iris hasn't been used a lot lately in . It was a dominant factor in Season 1, but over time we saw less and less of that. Part of the reason for this is because writing a good storyline for an investigative reporter can be difficult, especially if you are limited on time. Fortunately, we were treated with a nice Iris West the reporter in this week's episode of The Flash. In that episode, Iris was portrayed as completely fearless (due to revelations about her future). It was refreshing to see.

Gypsy On 'The Flash'

On The Flash, we also got to see Gypsy. She was a pretty intense and powerful character. To me, she had a little bit of a Dinah Drake Black Canary vibe to her, which was interesting. After years of waiting, we finally got to learn more about Cisco's powers. Gypsy clearly has an extensive knowledge of the vibe powers. In a way she was almost like Cisco's Ra's al Ghul, except in the future, she will likely be more of an ally than a foe.

Oliver Became The Arrow Because Of A Woman

Speaking of Ra's al Ghul, we finally got to see his most famous daughter this week on . This was one of my favorite scenes of all the shows this week. I literally had goosebumps when I saw Oliver become the Arrow for the first time. This week's episode showed that Talia al Ghul was the woman who trained Yao Fei, Oliver's first instructor. This is very fascinating because in the Dark Knight Trilogy (which Arrow models itself off of) Bruce Wayne was trained by Ra's al Ghul. It seems that everything Oliver knows in terms of martial arts he learned from people that were trained by Ra's al Ghul (The only exception to that is Slade Wilson).

Black Canary Comes Back

For a while, Black Canary's character had problems in the . This is largely because Arrow has had a very difficult time with the Black Canary over the past several seasons. The seemingly had perfected Black Canary with Sara Lance in Season 2, but decided to kill her off. Then Laurel became Black Canary. But her Canary drew lots of criticism for the lack of compelling storyline and comic book accuracy. So, in Season 4, they killed her off, which drew even more criticism from fans. Now, it appears that Arrow may have finally solved their Black Canary problem.

This week's episode episode of Arrow gave us Dinah Drake, the Golden Age (original) Black Canary. Drake really seemed to have a Jessica Jones-type of persona to her. She definitely felt like a real fighter. She also felt very independent, someone who feels less of a sidekick and more of a partner to the Green Arrow like she was in the comics.

That's also the best part — she feels more like the Black Canary does in the comics. She has actual meta-human powers instead of a sonic device, which is much more in line with the comics. Her canary cry also got a much-needed upgrade; in addition to changing the sound, it seems like they also changed the way they film her using her canary cry. Before, we used to see the front of the face, like we did with Laurel and her doppelgänger, but now we see it from the side, which makes it less cheesy. Ultimately, all of the changes they made to the Black Canary have allowed for a much needed reset. Hopefully, this will be a permanent solution to Arrow's Black Canary problem.

With so many compelling storylines this week, it almost seems as though it was planned out in advanced — almost as if the producers of each show decided that this week was going to focus on developing compelling storylines for DC heroines. Now, I'm sure that all of this was completely coincidental, but it is still cool that it happened.

What did you think was the biggest thing that happened for the women of comic books last week?


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