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Most people think of Michael Bay as a bad filmmaker. Some say his movies are "too long" or "have too much shaky cam," while others believe he "uses too many explosions." Whatever the complaint may be, there almost always is one. To me, however, he is actually a great filmmaker (yes, you read that right), and before you start writing your hateful comments hear me out, because I have three reasons as to why I feel that Bay is great at what he does. Let's get right to it, shall we?

3. He Delivers Explosive Entertainment

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' [Credit: DreamWorks / Paramount]
'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' [Credit: DreamWorks / Paramount]

Think about this: A movie is a form of entertainment, and entertainment is the delivery of amusement. makes movies that are amusing, so therefore, Bay technically makes good films. I understand that a lot of movie enthusiasts think filmmaking is an art and movies are the art piece, but I also think that movies are also created to be fun, entertaining and a getaway. I say "a getaway" because I believe a movie is a one-two hour getaway from the crap of life and I believe that is what Michael Bay delivers.

When I watch his films I get invested in the movie and have a good time. You could say that his movies are only enjoyable through my (and other Bay fans') eyes, however, I honestly believe if you want to just have fun and watch an entertaining movie, then almost anyone could find Bay's movies amusing.

2. He Can Convey Sincerity And Humor

'13 Hours' [Credit: Paramount]
'13 Hours' [Credit: Paramount]

Michael Bay's films are typically action and comedy, and that means he has to convey both sincerity and humor. Take for example — Bay had to convey the seriousness of the story he was telling (which was a true story, so no pressure there) and he nailed it. Between the opening scene that had you glued to the screen in anticipation, all the way to the final fight that had your heart pounding through your chest and your sweaty palms gripping the arm of your chair, he nailed every serious moment right on the head.

Sincerity wasn't the only emotion in 13 Hours however — there was also humor and Bay made that work in the film as well. The thing that really amazes me about the humor in 13 Hours is the fact that Bay subtly mixed it in with all the seriousness going on, and it worked. I'm not saying that 13 Hours is the only movie that Bay has infused with humor; for example, the movies have a lot of humor, as well as seriousness.

1. He Is Dedicated

'13 Hours' [Credit: Paramount]
'13 Hours' [Credit: Paramount]

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Michael Bay is very dedicated to his work. In this video here (starting at 9:07) you can see that Bay is so dedicated that he is not afraid to get strict with his crew, works non-stop, always comes up with new ideas, and he is definitely not afraid to get some dirt under his fingernails. This, however, isn't the only video where you'll see Bay being dedicated to the cause. Simply search for more behind-the-scenes videos of Michael Bay movies and you'll see what I mean soon enough. So, his films may not be perfect, but the amount of dedication he has towards them really is respectable to say the least.

Entertaining movies, the ability to mix different emotions, and his massive amount of dedication are the three reasons I think Michael Bay is not that bad. Now, I shared my opinion on why I like Bay, so now it's your turn to share your opinions in the comments. Do you like him as a director? Do you hate him as a director? Do you agree/disagree with my statements here? I really would love to know!

Thank you for reading this article and have a great day!

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