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So, who has heard of Michael Grant? You know the author? Probably most famous for his book series 'Gone'. If you have heard of the author and his best book series, then your are amazing.

Ever since I finished the books, I just couldn't stop thinking that they should be movies. All of the aspects for a good movie are there. The story line is just amazing. Plus with six books, it would be amazing.

So I'm going to give 5 reasons, why the books should be made into movies!

1.) The character set up is amazing

If you have never read the books, well I suggest you go to your library and grab the first two books. By the time you finish both books, I bet you'll of already fallen in love with some of the characters.

Just from reading the books, I really fell in love with most of the characters, the way they are set up and their personalities are. Would make for a really good movie. Besides who doesn't love characters who always keep you on the edge of your seat?

2.) Great storyline

The storyline for the six books was amazing. I can honestly say that at the end of the sixth and final book, I got teary eyed. Now I'm sure some people are thinking, "Grow a pair, it is just a book". Well the storyline and characters where set up so good that it got my emotions going, It is kind of like the end of Harry Potter. You where sad to see the movies end, but hey Rowling is indeed making another wizard movie!! So with a great storyling and great characters, it sure would make for an awesome movie series.

3.) Good long series of movies

It would make for a good long series of movies, due to the fact there are 6 books and each one is around 300-400 pages long. It would almost be like watching the Harry Potter movies. With around 6-7 movies possible, it would be amazing to see the books made into movies. Or maybe I just want to see a good movie series based off of a great book series.

4.) Modern day life problems

There are plenty of modern day problems in the books. Ranging from disease to death and even starvation, hell even war. What isn't there to make for such a good movie series. I mean come on, you have all of the aspects for good movies, why not take the oppurtunity? If you ask me I think that movies are lacking that element. Imagine a movie, with small brawls, and all out war. Going from large amounts of food to barely any food. With many modern day problems and persisting problems. I think as a movie series, it would do really good in theaters.

5. Easily to relate to

You may be wondering, how in the world can I relate to starvation and war? Well let me sum up what this whole book series is about. A dome gets put around a small town, everyone over a certain age just dissapear. With relationships and friendships appearing and dissapearing in the book series, I can say I sure can relate to that, and I'm sure many others can to. With plenty of other things such as deaths, and arguements, and full out fights with weapons or fists. I can honestly say I can relate to death, and arguements and fist fights. It seems like a perfect set up for a perfect movie.


In conclusion, I can say. That with characters that you can love and share emotions with, a great storyline and amazing set up. All of the aspects are there for such a great movie series, I feel that the opportunity should be taken, and make an amazing movie series!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below :D


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