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Woody Allen's movies form a genre of their own, they follow an intricate formula that screams neurosis and awkward charm and you're able to spot an Allen movie a mile off. When watching an Allen piece you expect certain tropes to appear, almost like flag posts dotted throughout the length of the project. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's a style audiences have come to know and love, but it's refreshing to see it's been shaken up in his new show - Crises In Six Scenes - by none other than Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus was brought onto Woody's first ever tv show in January earlier this year after Allen's children brought his attention to her Disney show. Cyrus has joined Woody, Elaine May and Rachel Brosnahan amongst others for the Amazon series and the trailer has finally be released.

Crisis in Six Scenes is a US comedy that takes place in the 1960s during the Vietnam War and the black rights movement. The story follows a middle class suburban family as they receive an unexpected visitor (Cyrus) that changes the family entirely. Miley acts as the disruption to the family, who brings her hippy views into the overtly sheltered environment.

Let's explore the ways in which Miley and her character has shifted the Woody style into the millennial direction.

Miley Is Pop Culture Not High Culture

Woody typically picks very established actresses to star in his work. His leading ladies are often Oscar-winners, or at least nominees. Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine), Diane Keaton (Annie Hall), Penelope Cruz (Vicky Christina Barcelona) and Marion Cotillard (Midnight In Paris) have all won one of the little golden statues. Miley doesn't bring this status with her. She may be an award-winning singer but her acting has brought her only Teen Choice Awards and a Razzie for Worst Actress in a TV Series for Hannah Montana.

But what Cyrus might lack in acting credibility, she makes up for in force of personality. Miley is known for being Miley, outrageous, outspoken and always controversial. Her views on weed, sexuality and her personal style has meant an entire generation of adoring teens look to her for inspiration and guidance.

Her Instagram boasts fifty one million followers and has made Miley a household name. Woody it seems has bought into this lure of modern fame. Cyrus carries with her a loyal following of fans, who no doubt will tune in to watch her in the show, which in turn shall expose them to Allen's work, possibly for the first time.

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Miley Isn't The Love Interest And She Challenges Allen

In movies such as Manhattan, Allen casts himself in romantic relationships with younger women that he feels need educating in the ways of the world. Miley isn't playing this character, instead Woody has a much more age appropriate wife, much to everyone's surprise.

In other Allen movies too, we see a string of young, naive and doting women who fall at the feet of the nearest man that utters something profound. We saw it in Irrational Man with Emma Stone and also with Evan Rachel Wood in Whatever Works. Miley is by no means fulfilling this role. Her character feels much more developed than some of the previous women Woody has written.

Miley meeting Woody's son, Evan
Miley meeting Woody's son, Evan

From the trailer we can see her character's sole purpose isn't to bolster the ego of Allen but instead to challenge him into a new way of thinking. Miley enters as a woman with strong, developed views of the world, playing a hippy in the middle of the changing sixties. She may be young, but she sticks by her ideals. We absolutely love her line from the trailer:

"I don't dislike you, just everything you stand for"

Cyrus's character has called Allen out on being stuffy, old-hat and ignorant to the changes going on around him. Maybe we'll see her change Woody for the better? We're also hoping as the show progresses we are able to find out just how much of Miley's real persona has influenced the character.

Miley herself is super stoked about the Amazon TV show, taking to Instagram to voice how she felt about working with Hollywood legend, Woody Allen:

We're looking forward to seeing what Miley and Woody have created together when the show airs on Amazon on September 30th.

Are you looking forward to seeing Miley in action?

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