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Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 and 2 of Narcos below

Narcos, the hit series from Netflix, has just ended. The series has followed the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar (played excellently by Wagner Moura). But, eventually, he ended up being killed. So that's it for Narcos, right? Wrong. It has just been confirmed by Netflix, that Narcos was renewed for two more seasons. This time, the series will revolve around the Cali cartel, specifically Gilberto Orejuela (Damián Alcázar). There's already a teaser trailer for the third season. So this might be a bad turn of events for the series, but in my opinion, it's a great decision. Here's four reasons why.

1. The Aftermath Of Pablo's Death

As we can see, Escobar's death was the biggest event in the series. So it's expected not to go away fast. There's his family that now can't be that stable anymore. There's the DEA and CIA, who have to use the tactics and people they used against Escobar, to get the Cali cartel. And there's the Cali cartel, who have full control over the blow business. So as you can see, this event can generate a lot of confusion in the world of Narcos. Though, Escobar's absence will be a big loss for the show.

2. Gilberto Is The New Pablo

Since Escobar died, there needs to be a new kingpin. Here comes Gilberto, leader of the Cali cartel. In Season 2, we saw a bit more ruthlessness from Gilberto, but i think that in Season 3 we will see a truly ruthless drug lord, along with people like Pacho (Alberto Ammann), who could serve has his right-hand man. Plus, Los Castaños (Mauricio Mejía, Gustavo Angarita Jr.) could be his sicarios, since they're just insane. Berna (Mauricio Cujar), could be what Gustavo was to Pablo. Gilberto will be a very interesting character because he wants, above all else, to do business in secret so that his reputation has legitimate business man won't be ruined. And now with Peña (Pedro Pacal) and Operations chasing the Cali cartel, it's a promised thrill ride.

3. Murphy And Peña

In the end of Season 2, Peña starts working for Operations, and it's speculated that Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) leaves Colombia. But one vital thing that people don't see, is that Murphy and Peña had the biggest character arcs (except for Pablo). Murphy started out has the all-good American that believed everything and everyone was good. Over time he became broken, losing friends in combat, and realizing the truths of our lives. He returned home a changed man.

Peña risked everything to get Escobar, but when the time came, he was removed from his position. Peña lost everything and didn't get anything in return. Now that Operations is going to work with him, we could see it going in another direction. As for Murphy and Peña's partnership, I think that if they reunite, it will be a great mashup.

4. It Will Allow The Show To Experiment With New Things

The series right now actually has a lot of things to experiment on to. Not only the things I previously mentioned, but also the evolution of drug cartels in Mexico, the development of the CIA and DEA, etc. Since the main cartel and villain were now eliminated, we are presented with the multiple arcs and opportunities. And actually to explore untapped characters like Martinez, Trujillo (Jorge Monterrosa), Bill (Eric Lange) from CIA and Berna. Possibilities are endless.

Narcos is a thrilling series that has so much potential for the upcoming seasons. It can reach the same status has shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. The next two seasons will only have one shortcoming: no more Pablo. Still, it can be as engaging and thrilling has the last two seasons. With the right directors, writers and actors, this series can become one of the best of all time. Season 2 of Narcos is now available in Netflix and Season 3 is coming 2017.

Before you go back and rewatch Season 1 and Season 2 of Narcos, check out the trailer for the second season to get you in the right mood:

What do you hope to see in Season 3 of Narcos?


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