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Despite its status as a new show to NBC, Midnight, Texas, has already managed to amass a dedicated fanbase, capturing audiences with its quirky mix of witches, psychics, assassins and more. It aired its season finale this week and though the exciting yet short first season is over, we’re still very much in the dark about the possibility of a second season. The show’s done brilliantly so far and has been met with rave reviews from both book and television fans alike. Despite this, NBC have yet to either renew or cancel its latest success, leaving its fans, like Manfred’s Grandma, very much in limbo.

Since shows like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have ended, fans of the dark fantasy genre have been in dire need of replacement shows. However, with a penchant for prematurely canceling their shows, fans of the NBC newbie fantasy are understandably worried that after a gripping first season, Midnight, Texas may not get the opportunity for a second. With NBC recently canceling fan favorite Grimm, it’s no wonder there’s so much angst surrounding Midnight, Texas.

It is my personal opinion that Midnight, Texas is among one of the few shows on air right now that doesn’t feel like a carbon copy of an outdated concept. It’s both fresh and unique, and has an incredibly talented cast responsible for breathing life into the exceptionally well-written characters from the books. Canceling a show like Midnight, Texas this early on, before it’s gotten a chance to really settle and find itself, would be a huge mistake. Therefore, I’m here to tell NBC why Midnight, Texas more than definitely deserves renewing!

It’s A Happy Ending For The Midnighters – Too Happy!

The season finale of Midnight, Texas began with the weight of the world on its shoulders, as it fought to clear up most of its loose ends. With the veil open, and Fiji in immediate danger, the Midnighters had to work together, risking their lives to save not only themselves, but the whole of Midnight. Despite the monumental number of open storylines, Midnight, Texas made an enormous effort to wrap them all up, leaving the season finale feeling somewhat unlike a traditional finale.

While most shows leave you on a cliffhanger, allowing you to speculate and anticipate a new episode and new season, Midnight, Texas concluded almost every single one of its major storylines. The threat to the entire town – and possibly the world – was concluded within the final episode, leaving Midnight supposedly safe and sound with not a lick of trouble on the way (well, maybe a lick, but we’ll get to that). With no news on whether the show has been renewed, it feels rather like showrunners aimed to conclude major storylines, providing some measure of closure should the show not make it to Season 2.

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this decision - which saw every major character on the show alive and happily coupled-up by the end of the episode - means that we simultaneously have both everything and nothing to look forward to.

Chuy had returned to live out his days peacefully with fallen angel Joe, both of whom joined a happily coupled-up Creek and Manfred, the newly de-flowered Fiji (proud of you girl!) and her knight in shining armor, Bobo, to attend the semi-holy matrimony of Lem and Olivia. The characters that we grew to love in Season 1 have largely wrapped up their storylines, and while the narrative possibilities for a second season are endless, we could technically live comfortably without a second season, since the show did such a good job of concluding their individual arcs.

By wrapping up everyone’s stories, Midnight, Texas has made the mistake of giving audiences the option to be complacent with the Season 1 ending, thus not stirring interest in Season 2. With shows like Midnight, Texas, ratings and fan interest mean a lot, and if shows like this can’t pick up additional fans to add to the (usually smaller) number of existing book fans, they often fail to secure second seasons.

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

Lem and Olivia are married, while Fiji and Bobo have done the deed (my ship is practically flying at this point, how’s yours?) and Chuy is un-demon enough to live happily with Joe. "What more could we need?" say the television fans who simply enjoy the show, rather than love it. Of course, for those of us who have found a new obsession in Midnight, Texas, with multiple ships sailing smoothly in the distance, we desparately need Season 2!

So, What Would a Potential Season 2 Actually Look Like?

At the moment, judging solely by the show (and not the source material), we have three clear plot points moving forward, let’s check ‘em out in all their glory.

B*tch, I’m Madonna – The Super Secret Spy No One’s Caught Yet!

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

We’ve seen our favorite Midnight, Texas assassin, Olivia, talk about how she constantly moves from one place to another to avoid her dad. We’ve also seen her explain how she stayed in Midnight far longer than she could have anticipated because of Lem. Despite this, we see Olivia and Lem at the altar by the end of the episode, dolled up to the nines as the long-term couple finally tie the knot. Though this is a happy ending for the pair, it’s revealed that Madonna (a work colleague of Creek and ally to the Midnighters) has been in contact with Olivia’s dad. She seems to be keeping an eye on Olivia for her dad, though the why she's doing this is still unclear.

Season 2 would surely mean exploring the relationship between Madonna and Olivia dad, whoever he may be, and figuring out Madonna’s reason for betraying the Midnighters. Not much is known about Madonna, but that in itself is worth noting. She was said to have bought her business by illegitimate means, and when Manfred gets hurt, she’s able to sew him up. Where she learned those skills and how long she’s been in Midnight is still unclear, so there's still a lot to explore. I'd say it’s obvious that she knows a lot more than she lets on – especially since she knows about the supernaturals in Midnight. We can also assume that either she’s been in Midnight a while or has thoroughly done her research.

Just Gonna Let A Ton Of Demon’s Possess Me – A Story By Manfred Bernado

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

The second plot point that could lead into Season 2 is Manfred’s decision to allow himself to be possessed by not one, not two, not even three, but four demonic entities! After allowing these entities to take control of his body, Manfred managed to save Midnight. But did he do so at his own expense?

Yes. Yes he did, he absolutely did.

Shortly after everyone’s happy endings are revealed, we see Manfred bleeding, not unlike when he was possessed by all four demonic entities. Though he sent them all to hell, supposedly trapping them there, it doesn’t look as though his time with them is truly over.

Though we know Manfred is powerful and now has the support of his fellow Midnighters, he's missing one very knowledgable and decidedly dead supporter – Grandma Xylda. In a scene that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings, Manfred’s endearing, all-seeing, all-knowing Grandma confessed to him that she sent him to Midnight because she knew he was destined to save the small town. She had a vision before she died, and the only reason her ghost remained tethered to the van was because she hadn’t fulfilled her purpose of letting Manfred know his destiny. Once she had told him, and once he knew that he was going to save Midnight, Grandma Xylda’s time on earth was done and everyone’s favorite ghostly grandparent passed on peacefully.

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

Whilst it’s great that Manfred’s grandma has found peace, it also means that she presumably won’t be around to knock some sense into him when he needs it. This means that for the first time in a long time, he is alone with a unique problem. Season 2 would not only allow us to see Manfred grow as a character without his Grandmother’s wisdom, but also allow us to see how the Midnighters cope with his new dilemma – if he tells them and doesn’t try to handle it alone!

Season 2 would not only please fans, but would also mean opening up a whole other side to Midnight – one that we’ve not yet seen in the mere 10 episodes we’ve been blessed with. It would allow the show to build on these characters and their relationships, creating their future as they (hopefully!) show us more of their past. Though the characters are incredibly well developed in those short 10 episodes, there’s still so much more we need to see and learn about the Midnighters. Season 2 could give us all that and more, and hopefully, a hell of a lot more episodes than 10.

Seriously. Ya'll get to work on them scripts now, we’re watching.

Arielle Kebbel - Olivia [Credit: NBC]
Arielle Kebbel - Olivia [Credit: NBC]

What do you think? Should Midnight, Texas be renewed?

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