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The world of is so rich and full of potential that fans go wild at the sign of any news. When District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp announced way back in 2015 that his Alien sequel was on track, everyone went crazy. Blomkamp is an exciting sci-fi director with a strong visual palette who I think could inject some life into the series, a series that many feel has been stumbling ever since the action-packed Aliens. However, recent words, straight from the director's personal Twitter, have cast a long shadow over the film as he says its chances of being made are "slim."

So, What Went Wrong For Blomkamp's Alien Movie?

The most likely reason for this is Ridley Scott's return to the franchise, with adjustments made to Prometheus 2, which is now titled Alien: Covenant. Scott recently returned to the world of Alien with 2012's Prometheus, which received a mixed reaction. The response caused Scott to make changes to the upcoming film. Check out its totally terrifying poster:

'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]
'Alien: Covenant' [Credit: Fox]

Blomkamp's sequel was originally supposed to come out this year, but when Scott decided to make Prometheus 2 an Alien film, Blomkamp was asked to tweak his. This threw the film into uncertainty, and now it seems it won't see the light of day at all.

From Newt To Pulse Rifles, Blomkamp's Alien Movie Had So Much to Offer

The movie getting killed. [Credit: Fox]
The movie getting killed. [Credit: Fox]

This is truly upsetting, because the glimpses we got were full of promise. Over the past couple years Blomkamp steadily released concept art from the film, like this look at Ripley and Hicks:

There was also the exciting piece of art Blomkamp posted to his Instagram that featured Newt – the little girl from Aliens – all grown up. This raised alarms because Newt died off-screen in Alien 3, but this being science fiction, anything is possible. Here she is:

What is saddening here is that it seems like Blomkamp developed this movie for a long time, even going so far as to make physical props, like this pulse rifle:

Ultimately, Scott decided to go in a direction that had no room for Blomkamp's addition to the Alien franchise. It's sad to see all of this hard work fall to the wayside. I'm still hopeful Blomkamp's film will see the light of day, even if it means tweaking it to fit outside of the established Alien lore. Maybe this can even be transformed into an original film? Only time will tell.

For now, we have to cross our fingers and hope that Alien: Covenant is as good as the trailer. This could mark a new dawn for the Alien franchise.

What is your favorite Alien movie?

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