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Dick Grayson is one of the most beloved characters in DC Comics. He somehow managed to rise above Batman's shadow and be a culture phenomenon due to his ass-kicking abilities and his awesome personality. He also remained a character who does his best work in the light — someone who's not afraid to be happy. is also the perfect example of what Geoff Johns is going for — he has heart, heroics and most importantly, he's one of the most hopeful heroes in all of comics. Here's why Nightwing should take over the cowl after Affleck's .

The Biggest Problems

Nightwing [Credit: DC Comics]
Nightwing [Credit: DC Comics]

Dick Grayson is not a household name. Even when you say he's the first Robin, some people do not have a clue who he is and why he's so important to DC Comics. We all know that Ben Affleck isn't getting any younger, and one must ask how much longer will he play the Caped Crusader.

Dick closely resembles Spider-Man in terms of how he acts, but he's a far better leader than the web head could ever be. He's led the and and did a remarkable job both times around. Only recently has he pissed off his teammates because he signed a Lazarus Contract with Deathstroke behind their backs to ensure Slade Wilson doesn't come back and try to kill the team.

It Could Be A Natural Progression If The DCEU Handles It Right

Batman and Robin [Credit: DC Comics]
Batman and Robin [Credit: DC Comics]

Nightwing is supposed to make his DCEU debut sometime in the future. One can safely assume it'll be after Justice League but before Justice League 2. This gives Dick plenty of time to be his own character and let the audience fall in love him.

DC is in sort of a pickle with Batman. Bruce could either go through Flashpoint (so he can be a younger self), or the DCEU would have to do something unprecedented and replace its biggest character with an actor that people might not like. That's a huge risk for a major studio to take. It worked out extremely well with Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's Batman and Robin when Dick and Damian took over both mantles.

The sooner the DCEU figures this out, the sooner it can start planning other parts of the shared universe. Geoff Johns is very talented creating likable characters, and I believe he has the skill set to make Dick and Damian both A-listers before Affleck eventually departs. is extremely popular, but going with Dick allows every fanboy/girl to rave about how awesome it is that Dick Grayson is finally in the DCEU.

Robin Is Extremely Important Too

Batman and Robin [Credit: DC Comics]
Batman and Robin [Credit: DC Comics]

Tim Drake is a great hero, but he's no Damian Wayne. Dick and Damian share a brotherly bond since Batman's death in "Final Crisis," and recently in Nightwing's "Deathwing" arc. Damian may be the biggest brat in the world, but when stuff hits the fan, you know he has Dick's back. I'd go even as far as to say he loves him. That's huge revelation if you know anything about Damian Wayne. The could have a million different ways for Damian to join Batman on the big screen, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I might be a bit biased due to Nightwing being one of my favorite comics currently in Rebirth, but Ben is getting older and the DCEU will need a new Batman after Justice League 2.

Lastly, do you think fans will accept Dick as Batman, or should they do "Battle of the Cowl" (which Dick won) to see which person member of the Bat-family would make the best Batman? Or, should DC just go the Flashpoint route? As long as the DCEU does a stellar job of branding Nightwing, then I believe there should be no problem transitioning the new out with the old. Dick deserves his due.

Who do you think Batman should be after Affleck?

Nightwing [Credit: DC Comics]
Nightwing [Credit: DC Comics]

Do you want to see Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin?


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