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This week, the entertainment world was rocked by news that actors Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were engaged in a three-month affair during the filming of the movie that started off a fan base that has spanned nearly 40 years. People were not really surprised by the fact that the duo had an affair, though — the bigger surprise was likely that Fisher revealed it at all.

The Princess Diarist

She is coming out with a new book entitled The Princess Diarist, which (naturally) evokes memories of Princess (and later General) Leia Organa, the character she is most often associated with. While some might argue that Fisher merely wanted to present something salacious for the readers to sink their teeth into (this is, after all, not her first memoir) revelations that Harrison Ford was “kind” does not seem to be the lurid information fans might be seeking.

A walk through her own memories might be a better way of describing the revelation of the affair — the official revelation, anyways. Fans have long suspected and even hoped that Ford and Fisher had been involved in a romance of sorts, although at the time, Ford was married and a father of two. The chemistry between the two actors was just too intense to be ignored, and when the ultimate romance was revealed between Han Solo and Leia in , fans were determined that Ford and Fisher must have had some sort of dalliance going on behind the scenes.

While apparently their personal romance was snuffed shortly after Star Wars wrapped, chemistry is what it is, and there’s no denying that. Those fans that say they were surprised that the two had a romance behind the scenes should really reconsider what they’re saying.

Their Chemistry Is Undeniable

The evidence of their chemistry alone should have been enough of a clue for those who may have been curious about whether or not the two were romantically involved, even though a romance between the characters did not actually transpire until Empire Strikes Back.

And now, some 40 years later, we shouldn’t really question either Ford or Fisher about the romance. It does not matter. Yes, Ford is notoriously private, and that’s fine — when and how the romance was revealed is a matter that should be left strictly up to the involved parties. It’s wonderful that she continues to remember him as being kind, and she describes him with various characteristics of nobility — characteristics that we can associate with a true hero, for sure.

Ultimately, if Ford says nothing about the relationship, who cares? Whether the pundits choose to look at it as further kindness being shown by him to his friend and co-star or not, anything that transpired between them happened 40 years ago when they were truly strong with the Force. Now, they have journeyed to a point in their lives where they continue to be a part of one of the most powerful cinematic legacies and romances — let them enjoy that.

Were you surprised by the news of Fisher and Ford's on-set romance during their time on Star Wars?


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