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With Friday The 13th being cancelled, 2017 is a little less excitable than it was before. And while the definitive reasons for its cancellation are still unknown, we do know Jason and his franchise will have its rights turned over to New Line Cinema (the house that Freddy built) next year.

While some fans will undoubtedly be disappointed to see our favorite machete-wielding maniac leaving Paramount Studios, Jason's return to his second Hollywood home opens the cabin door for new opportunities, including the possibility to face off against again.

With both killers under the same studio roof again, will we see these two titans of terror go for round two?

Here's why we should.

Horror Needs Another Freddy Vs Jason Movie

Freddy Vs Jason. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]
Freddy Vs Jason. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]

With so many iconic horror villains returning to the big screen, you could say another versus film isn't necessary right now. However, a second Freddy Vs Jason film would be like the cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae. It just makes the whole thing that much better.

Plus, these are two of the biggest boogeymen in horror history. Produce all the horror villain comebacks you want. We'll eat it up, but none would be as sweet as another film. With some of the recent disappointments for the genre like , this could be just the movie Hollywood needs to bring the box office back to life.

Freddy And Jason Need A Rematch

Freddy Vs Jason. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]
Freddy Vs Jason. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]

We all remember that ambiguous ending from the original Freddy Vs Jason movie; one that left audiences with reason to believe both villains weren't finished with each other just yet.

However, it doesn't matter if they decide to make a sequel to the original, or remake their iconic clash altogether. These two titans of terror just need a rematch -- soon!

Versus Movies Are Really Popular At The Moment

Jason Goes To Hell: The Comic [Image Credit: Topps Comics]
Jason Goes To Hell: The Comic [Image Credit: Topps Comics]

Thanks to billion dollar hits like Captain America: Civil War, and to a lesser extent, Batman Vs. Superman, it's obvious fans are hungry for versus films right now. Even if reviews haven't been strong for every film we've recently seen in this new sub-genre, the desire for them is still there.

Pair that with the fact that Freddy Vs Jason made a killing at the box office ($114,908,830 worldwide) and it doesn't take a genius to figure out their second battle would be a recipe for success.

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Both Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street Are In Questionable Phases

A Nightmare On Elm Street. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]
A Nightmare On Elm Street. [Image Credit: New Line Cinema]

Recently, the reboot was cancelled. Even though casting, among other things, was about to begin. Which leaves the true fate of this film up in the air for now.

Uncertainty also surrounds Freddy Krueger's return to the big screen. Another reboot is reportedly in the works, but significant news regarding his next venture hasn't been released in nearly two years.

So since solo films featureing these two iconic villains are seemingly stagnant, maybe it's time they turn their blades away from harmless teenagers and towards each other?

Another Freddy Vs Jason Movie Is Inevitable

Friday The 13th Part VII: New Blood [Image Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Friday The 13th Part VII: New Blood [Image Credit: Paramount Pictures]

In the end, Freddy and Jason will fight again, it's just a matter of when. Although the waiting time for their next battle will hopefully shorten once the Friday The 13th rights revert back to New Line Cinema in 2018.

Here's what Sean Cunningham, the creator of Friday The 13th, had to say during a 2013 interview with Fear Net about another Freddy Vs Jason movie happening:

I think the chances are good, for a couple of reasons, but I think it will ultimately be a marketing concept. Right now, I think the audience would have to start getting bored with the Friday… movie by itself or the Freddy movie by itself. I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next short period of time. Conceivably in five years.The other reason that I think it’s a possibility is that we spent so much effort in trying to find a way to get the two of them together in a movie that was action-packed and unpredictable that we had lots of material that was unused. It becomes possible to use it, or at least basic ideas or structural ideas that are already in place. We don’t have to start from scratch.

Let's hope the next Elm Street venture to Camp Crystal Lake isn't far away. Until then, place your bets for round 2.


Would You Want To See Another Freddy Vs Jason Movie?

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