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When Wonder Woman was released in June of this year, we could finally breathe easy knowing that the DCEU, as well as Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot (and the rest of the Wonder Woman cast), had delivered audiences a truly fantastic film. It was a powerful action movie that offered audiences a first glimpse of one of the best known female heroes in comic book lore, and it almost became a rallying cry for women everywhere to stand on their own feet.

Now that it's been announced that director Jenkins is returning for Wonder Woman 2, which currently has a December 13, 2019 release date, anticipation is already building about what the sequel to the explosive, history-making hit could bring.

While fans could argue it's fairly certain one of Steve Trevor's (played by Chris Pine) progeny will undoubtedly make a return, making for some potentially complex romantic possibilities for the immortal , why not introduce someone who could be Diana's equal? Sure, we can feel fairly hopeful that Hippolyta will be back, and that maybe even Antiope (portrayed by Robin Wright) will somehow make an appearance, but why not bring back fellow Amazon and twin sister ?

Who Is Nubia?

According to comic book lore, Nubia was created out of clay like Diana, except Nubia's clay was black where as Diana's was white. She made her first appearance in 1973 and has since gone on to be the guardian of the River Styx and at one point ruled Floating Island, a community of all men, where she attained a position similar to that of Queen Hippolyta. She has all the superhero stylings of Diana, but has yet to make a successful transition to anything beyond the pages of the comic books.

The real challenge comes when you take a closer look at Nubia's backstory. According to comic book lore, Hippolyta actually created two babies, but Mars (Ares in ) kidnapped Nubia and raised her as his weapon to destroy the Amazons — much the same way as Diana was the Amazons' weapon against Mars. Nubia was initially willing to challenge Diana, at least in the comics, for the title of Wonder Woman, but when Diana broke Mars's hold on her, she turned against Mars and helped Diana defeat the God of War.

While Nubia never appeared in the 1970s television series, there has been some hope from fans that Nubia could pop up in future Wonder Woman projects, with either or taking on the coveted role:

Impact On 'Wonder Woman 2'

If Nubia is introduced into the , it could offer a whole new dimension to the character as portrayed by Gal Gadot. Any time Wonder Woman has been seen recently on the big screen, she was effectively leading groups of men. In the promos for , Wonder Woman appears that she could be adopting a similar leadership role over The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Batman. To have a character introduced with similar strengths might offer a new opportunity for growth for Diana Prince, and it's one that Patty Jenkins and her writing team should perhaps consider the benefits of.

Introducing Nubia to the onscreen Wonder Woman lore, particularly with her complex backstory, could offer audiences new opportunities for adventure with the Wonder Woman universe.

What do you think about the idea of introducing Nubia to the DCEU? Let me know in the comments!

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