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With Deadpool 2 finally running full steam ahead, and coming to a close, all eyes are now on for who will be taking on the Merc with the Mouth in 2018. We already know that Nathan Summers will be coming back to the future, and with such a loyal fanbase for the character of , not everybody will be totally satisfied. The media was sent into a flurry with a seeming hint that 007 a.k.a. Pierce Brosnan could be joining the universe.

Knowing Reynolds as well as we do, it could just be a middle finger to audiences, but if not, a Wolverine, Bond, and Wade universe could be one of the greatest trios in Hollywood. While the news that Brosnan could be suiting up as the shiny-eyed telepath has been met with a mixed response, here is why the silver fox of films would be the perfect Cable:

He's More 'Mature'

A grizzled Brosnan already echoes Cable — just check out Brosnan in the promo for AMC's The Son to see how far he has come since his days as a bright-eyed bond. Possibly the worst thing that director David Leitch could do is cast some young up-and-comer in the part. I fully agree with reinventing comic book characters for your own version of a film, but a younger Cable would be a desecration of the source. You only have to look to fancastings to see Karl Urban's name come up again and again, and while a great actor, he is no Cable!

Given the fact that Cable has to be older than his parents (Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor), having the 63-year-old Brosnan as Cable is just about the right age. His maturity also transcends into his roles, as a stereotypically stoic actor, Brosnan's lack of humor means the jump into the uber-serious Cable wouldn't be too hard. Putting Brosnan's cold demeanor against Reynolds is a perfect comedic foil and bromance just waiting to blossom.

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His Hollywood Credentials

'Remington Steele' [Credit: MTM Enterprises]
'Remington Steele' [Credit: MTM Enterprises]

Secondly, Brosnan has enough of a Hollywood pull to bring in the big bucks — alongside the likes of Sam Neill, Anthony Hopkins, and Kevin Bacon, Brosnan has also swapped Hollywood for TV, but receives top billing in anything he is in. Sure, he may have been typecast as 007, but let's not forget that he only got that part due to his role as Remington Steele. Also, look at the (semi) recent career boost of Michael Keaton to see why underrated actors from the past are perfect for the genre. Starting with Birdman and moving on to Spider-Man: Homecoming, no one would have suspected that Keaton would take to the skies as Vulture. If Keaton can shed his Batman history, then why can't James Bond?

He's An Action Star

'GoldenEye' [Credit: MGM]
'GoldenEye' [Credit: MGM]

Most importantly, Cable needs to be able to get his hands dirty. Brought from an apocalypse-torn future, and frequently butting heads with the various mutants of Marvel, Cable's role will undoubtedly see a good few tussles. Given that Deadpool 2 will almost certainly follow in its predecessor's footsteps of an R-rating, you need someone with action chops to play the part. Brosnan's films have seen him play everything from a romantic interest in Mrs. Doubtfire, to comedic scientist in Mars Attacks!, and that all important fifth James Bond. Looking at Brosnan's back catalogue and everything from Death Train to Dante's Peak and Survivor, action is in his blood. Sure, he may have strayed into rom-com territory with Mamma Mia, but when you think (in particular) '90s action stars, Brosnan is right up there.

He Was Off Radar

'Survivor' [Credit: Alchemy]
'Survivor' [Credit: Alchemy]

While both Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman publicly begged for the part of Cable, no one saw Brosnan coming. I think the casting of Lang or Perlman would be far too obvious; we don't sit down to movies and enjoy knowing exactly what is coming, so casting Brosnan mirrors a great movie twist. The biggest criticism I have heard against not casting Brosnan in the role is "he's too skinny," a ridiculous excuse even by Hollywood standards. Body transformations are nothing new to the likes of Ben Affleck, Tom Hardy, and J. K. Simmons, so it can be done, but more to the point, Brosnan shouldn't have to bulk up for the part.

If Fox made carbon copies of their comic counterparts, why would we tune in? Think of the castings of McAvoy and Fassbender; they too came under fire when they were announced as the "new" Xavier and Magneto, but both managed to forge their own version of the characters. Probably the best advantage that Cable has is that he has only ever been seen in cartoons, so Deadpool is literally working from the ground up and can essentially do whatever they want.

'X-Men: The Animated Series' [Credit: Saban Entertainment]
'X-Men: The Animated Series' [Credit: Saban Entertainment]

The story Fox chooses to take from Cable's 27-year history will be instrumental in deciding whether Cable will be the hero or the villain of Deadpool 2, but we are guaranteed that whoever takes the part, they will likely be returning for more. Deadpool 2 is aiming to jump-start another tangent of the already convoluted X-Men universe, and hopefully cue up the X-Force film. Admittedly, Brosnan is a busy man, with three films out this year, and one already on the slate for 2018, but I say we (cable) tie him in for Fox now. Welcome to the club, Mr. Bond.

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