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Through the years, studio Pixar has given us many hours of entertainment, laughs, and tears through its feature films and magnificent shorts. With 17 films under its belt and another four in the works, the Hollywood powerhouse could be considered one of the biggest franchises in the world. Here are five reasons why is so good at what it does.

1. The Tears

Pixar films never fail to make us cry. Famously, when Toy Story 3 was released, it was said to bring grown men to tears at the thought of some of the best loved animated characters being incinerated or given away, almost as if these blubbering messes were saying goodbye to a family member or beloved pet. Pulling at our heartstrings in expert fashion, Pixar knew that children and families had grown up with this film series and these characters. even aged Andy in a way that mirrored the age of the kids who saw Toy Story when it first came out in 1995.

Pixar never fails to add an element of melancholy to its films. The story of Carl and Ellie's life together in Up shows how easily time can slip through our fingers, with the brief scene almost guaranteed to make you weep. We journey with them on their life story, enjoying their true love and facing all their problems as the couple age. And what finally rips our hearts out is when we see Carl alone and sad, regretful at not doing what the two dreamed of doing together.

2. The Easter Eggs

Pixar is known for its , which the studio likes to sprinkle in every one of its films. In particular, the Pizza Planet truck, first seen in , appears in almost all the movies, except for The Incredibles. It even makes an appearance in Brave, when the Witch carves her very own out of wood.

"A113" also appears in every Pixar movie. The number comes from a classroom door at the California Institute of the Arts, where many of the animators studied. The number even appears in the form of Roman numerals or along picket fences. Aside from that, John Ratzenberger, who voices Hamm in Toy Story, has played a character in every Pixar movie, no matter how big or small the role, and is regarded as something of a good luck charm for the studio.

With the hunt for Pixar gems becoming such a popular pastime for fans, the studio has helped propel so many other franchises and studios to place Easter Eggs within their own properties in a bit to entice larger audiences.

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3. The Amazing Characters

Whether it's WALL-E, Remy the Rat, Russell from Up or Hank from Finding Dory, Pixar characters appeal to all generations and aren't purely aimed at a younger audience. They always manage to stay in our minds long after the credits roll.

Much of the time, the films gift us with the perfect ensemble cast. Instead of the story being carried by one or two star leads, every member of the Pixar universe helps to make the films magical, from one of the potential husbands in Brave or one of Bonnie's toys. Either way, they all help us enjoy the amazing experience of a Pixar film. Chief creative officer John Lasseter revealed to The Telegraph:

“Every movie has three things you have to do----you have to have a compelling story that keeps people on the edge of their seats, you have to populate that story with memorable and appealing characters and you have to put that story and those characters in a believable world. Those three things are so vitally important."

Also, the films may well include star-studded casts, but you may not be aware of it. Pixar does not feel the need to push the fact that big names like Peter O’Toole, Owen Wilson, Ellen DeGeneres or John Goodman appear in it films in a bid to gain audiences.

4. The Short Films

Pixar's shorts are sometimes as equally mesmerizing as the feature films. The likes of Piper, Partly Cloudy and Day & Night show us that the effort and storytelling that goes into a piece of five-minute animation is unbelievable, and they're only getting better.

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With Pixar bringing a new short to mark every feature film release, these heartwarming mini masterpieces are now available to purchase as a DVD box set.

5. Messages

Cautionary tales and moral lessons are woven into the Pixar storytelling fabric. Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., had the prominent theme of the importance of friendship and family, which explains why they were such successful family oriented films.

Each film affects the audience and in the most entertaining way possible teaches us how to make the most out of our lives, no matter our age or demographic. A lot of films are fast-paced. When one piece of the action occurs, the story is practically tripping over itself to get to the next bit of activity. A Pixar film feels more dynamic, allowing things to play out slower if need be and let it marinate with the audience. Indeed, that montage in Up, despite having no dialogue, never feels boring or unimportant.

Admit it, Pixar Is The Greatest!

Even Pixar's worst films are better than most other animated movies, unlike its mother company , whose output remains somewhat uneven, gaining fans on some productions and losing fans on others. Pixar is a multi-genre family that garners glowing reviews and increased popularity with each release. Lasseter said it best to Fortune magazine back in 2006:

I believe in the nobility of entertaining people, and I take great, great pride that people are willing to give me two or three hours out of their busy lives."

The next Pixar film to hit cinemas is Cars 3, coming June 16, 2017. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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