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Say the words "Princess Diana" and you are bound to capture a person's interest, and for good reason. The of Wales was surrounded by controversy, eventually becoming one of the most famous people in the world. People knew this gorgeous woman for her vulnerability and her incredibly kind heart. Various documentaries have been made about her, and there was even a feature film in 2013 starring Naomi Watts titled Diana. Rather than focusing on the princess's complex life, the film was a romanticized retelling of her relationship with Dodi Fayed.

As the movie chose to focus on just one small part of this incredible woman's life, this still leaves an opportunity for a more complex and inclusive biopic about Princess Diana waiting to be made. Let's take a look at her incredible journey and why there needs to be a future biopic that pays tribute to this wonderful woman.

There Were So Many Interesting Aspects to Diana's Life

Naomi Watts in 'Diana'
Naomi Watts in 'Diana'

The Princess had a colorful love life. From marrying Prince Charles at a young age, dealing with his lack of interest in her (and instead with his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles), having an affair herself, and then a few after her divorce, it is quite obvious why people had deep interest in her romantic life. However, her confusing love life actually fed into more interesting aspects of her life, including her charity work, her sense of humor, her relationship with her children, as well as her approach to being in the public eye. The 2013 feature film only highlighted the events a few years before her death, which is a shame because there were numerous other events that happened way before that made Diana who she was. And thus, I strongly feel that a movie based on her life should be remade, this time in proper autobiographical manner.

So, What Should Be In The Princess Diana Film?

For a movie to truly do her life's story justice, it really should have the following elements:

1. Her Engagement and Marriage to Prince Charles

Diana had some very vibrant things to say about how she ended up with Prince Charles. She mentioned how she was jumped on and kissed, and being followed in a semi-stalkerish manner. Her marriage, however, was an opposite of how she was courted; Charles was often cold to her and eventually spent more time with his mistress than with her. Diana descended into a world of loneliness where she had no support from her own family, nor from her husband's. This led to a long-term affair with her children's riding instructor, James Hewitt, as well as possibly her close friend James Gilbey. There was also an affair with her bodyguard, who was a much older married man. All this is already plenty to highlight in a movie, especially to give depth to her character.

2. Her Role as a Mother

Diana loved her children deeply, and it's amazing how, despite her loveless marriage, she still turned all that negative energy around her into positive heaps of love to shower upon her two boys. She spent a lot of time with them and catered to their schedule; she even played an active role in choosing a nanny for them. Her sons remained silent about the time after her death, but it is obvious they loved her equally and will never forget the impact she had on their life. Prince Harry is actively undertaking charitable activities as she had, and Prince William used her engagement ring for his own engagement and named his daughter after her. All in memory of their loving mother, who they have said to be "quite simply, the best mother in the world."

3. Her Charitable Endeavors and Historic Moments

The princess was never one to shy away from charity, passionately championing those with leprosy and HIV/AIDS, as well as fighting homelessness. She also had a very soft spot for child-centered charities. Diana also was not afraid to stir up controversy, for example by shaking hands with HIV patients in 1991 without gloves. That may not seem like a big deal now, but at the time the transmission method of HIV was not well understood by the public. Despite being a princess she also also spent long hours comforting ill patients in hospitals, which was quite unheard of behavior for a royal at the time. A film featuring her should definitely have to show this part of her life, as it heavily showcases her big, soft heart.

4. Her Personality, as Known by Those Closest to Her

Diana was known as a shy, reserved woman in the first decade of her married life, but this was very different from her actual personality, which was fun, rambunctious, and often unfiltered. Rare footage of her speaking candidly of her life shows a woman who is very frank and positive, despite hiding a lot of pain in her heart. She also had a sometimes naughty sense of humor, carrying around a sex toy that she considered her lucky charm and making off-color jokes with palace staff.

5. Her Untimely Death

Until today, no one really knows what happened in that Paris tunnel that night that resulted in a fatal accident killing and her lover Dodi Fayed. There was (and still is) so much controversy surrounding her death, and some of that controversy should definitely be highlighted in a Princess Diana feature movie.

Of course, all these things would probably be very difficult to portray in a wide-scale movie without much opposition from the British royal family, including Diana's ex-husband and children. That being said, I hope someday they would open their hearts to allow Diana's true story to be shown to the world, with realistic reenactments that would truly showcase the various shades of this amazing princess.

Did you like the 2013 Diana film, or do you agree with me that a better one should be made? Tell me your opinion in the comments!


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