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According to HollywoodLife, has remained confident throughout her breakup with that the pale 27-year-old actor would ultimately take her back.

Now it seems her instincts were right, as it appears RPattz is reincorporating himself to Kstew's love life. She was apparently never at the least worried that Rob would even entertain the thought of never falling back into her arms, US Weekly reports; and she was sure that his dalliances with Dylan Penn were doomed from the start, since he 'would never be happier with anyone else.' A source told the news portal:

She blocked out the idea that Rob could be happier with someone else. He's done with Dylan now that Kristen is back in town and available.

As to Rob's side of the story, the source adds:

He hasn't fully forgiven her.But he has processed what she did. He has been hanging out enough with other girls to get perspective.

Both actors are currently pretty busy, as Rob is about to start shooting in Morocco of the film Queen of the Desert, while Kristen is filming Anesthesia in New York City.

A source close to KStew told HollywoodLife:

Kristen definitely wants to see Rob again. They had a great time together and she said all they did was laugh. She’s had a busy last few days filming in New York, but took some time out to hang out in Central Park with a couple of friends. Filming has been pretty intense, but Kristen is overall in really good spirits.

What do you think, keen observers? Was Kristen right with her gut instincts, or is a relationship marred by a prominent cheating scandal eminently perishable? Let us know in the comments.

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