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When author Jay Asher first revealed to Selena Gomez that 'Only You' could star in a film adaptation of his book 13 Reasons Why, the pop princess became enamored with the project. After all, 'The Heart Wants What It Wants'. However, as the years passed, it no longer made sense for Gomez to 'Come & Get It'. Instead, relative unknown Katherine Langford was cast as Hannah Baker by the time that the story was taken to Netflix, and there's one reason why: her career is in a completely different place now.

How Did Selena Gomez First Become Involved With The '13 Reasons Why' Project?

Spring Breakers [Credit: A24]
Spring Breakers [Credit: A24]

Selena Gomez first expressed interest in the role of Hannah Baker back in 2009 when she was just 17 years old. At the time, the star was best known for her part in Wizards of Waverly Place, and was far from being the household name that she's arguably become today.

From that point on, Asher reportedly saw no one else but in the lead role, keeping her in mind during the decade it took for his breakout book to be adapted for the screen. The two even met frequently with plans to collaborate. As we all know though, Selena Gomez was ultimately not cast in the show, taking an Executive Producer role instead.

Why Didn't Selena Gomez Star In '13 Reasons Why'?

13 Reasons Why [Credit: Netflix]
13 Reasons Why [Credit: Netflix]

When asked why she didn't join the cast of 13 Reasons Why, Selena Gomez told The Hollywood Reporter that:

"A book is frightening for me because I know the cult following it has, which is the reason why I didn't want to be in it. Originally, my mom and I found the project because I wanted it to be a transition piece. From that point on, a lot of people wanted to make it something that it wasn't. It can teeter on the line of being a little too preachy. Jay knew that my mom [exec producer Mandy Teefey] and I would be behind it for years, no matter how long it took to take it to that place."

However, this seems a little strange. By the time Gomez expressed interest in the project, the young star was already developing a growing fan base. Would people's love of the book really have had such an impact on Selena's involvement?

13 Reasons Why [Credit: Netflix]
13 Reasons Why [Credit: Netflix]

Cosmopolitan argue that Selena may have not taken on the role simply because she's no longer the right person for the part — and they do have a point. After all, Gomez has become more famous over the past eight years, to the point where her recognizable face and older age could have distracted from the high school part.

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At the end of the day, it's probably for the best that Selena Gomez didn't star in . The star's passion for working on the project behind the scenes undoubtedly helped Asher's story come to life — and it's not like Gomez needs a career 'Revival' anyway. Furthermore, the controversy surrounding the show would have snowballed further had 13 Reasons Why shown a former Disney star commit suicide on screen.

Whether Gomez continues acting or focuses more on producing duties, America will always hold the 'Same Old Love' for the young pop princess and we don't need 13 reasons to tell you why.


Should Selena Gomez have starred in '13 Reasons Why'?

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