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We live in a judgmental society. It's unfortunate but it's true. With its diverse cast, characters and settings, Sense8 is a phenomenon that teaches us about acceptance and shows us that it's OK to be different. It teaches you to love yourself for who you are and to never be ashamed.

The show brings a lot of different people and cultures together, which makes it one of the most diverse TV show in history. Today's society needs because it defies the norm and allows you to explore different kinds of relationships and cultures. Let's look at some reasons why the show is an LGBT masterpiece that is breaking new ground.

Rightful Representations Of Characters

Nomi and Amanita. 'Sense8' [Credit: Netflix]
Nomi and Amanita. 'Sense8' [Credit: Netflix]

The representations of the characters in this show are realistic. You have Nomi Marks, who is a trans character played by a trans actor, written by a trans writer. What could be more truthful than that? Her relationship with Amanita is also a positive and honest one. They are both very much in love and support each other through anything.

"Not so long ago, the idea of someone like me; someone with my crazy thoughts, my desires – someone with this kind of hair – would’ve been impossible in this world. Just as there was a time in my life when the idea of me falling in love with someone like you – honestly – even I would’ve said it was impossible. And yet, there we are…and from the moment my two lips touched these two lips, I learned one of the most important lessons of my life. Impossibility is a kiss away from reality."

— Amanita

To see such a strong relationship between a cis woman and a trans woman shouldn't be such a novelty, but unfortunately, it is. Nomi's parent's don't accept her gender change, which is something that often happens in real life. However, there is a scene in Season 2 Episode 8 where Nomi's dad calls her his daughter for the first time. It's a sweet moment and it shows development within their relationship — her father is starting to accept her.

Both of these characters are out and proud and won't let anyone bring them down. They're passionate and their relationship is beautiful. All the sensates accept each other unconditionally.

There are several diverse relationships in this show, which is why it is so relatable, and the show isn't afraid to tackle any issues. For example, Amanita has polyamorous parents, meaning they're in an open relationship with more than one partner.

Lito's character representation is also realistic. The show starts off with the character hiding who he is, but once he comes out to the world, he's the happiest he has ever been. Nobody should feel like they have to hide who they are, and Sense8 tries to prove that you can be happier if you don't hide who you are. Sense8 shows us that television can be extremely diverse, it just chooses not to be.

To have a show that is open to all kinds of relationships is groundbreaking. Hopefully, it paves a way for more diverse characters in shows because, let's face it: How many shows have more than one queer character?

'Sense8' [Credit: Netflix]
'Sense8' [Credit: Netflix]

The fluidity of sexual representation on this show is something that has never been done before. There is a particularly powerful scene where all of the sensates take part in an orgy. You could say they're all pansexual, something that Lana Wachowski has mentioned before, as none of the characters in this scene are hesitant.

Exploring Different Cultures On The Small Screen

The show is filmed around the world, showing lifestyles from many different locations. Wherever the storyline takes place, the producers will shoot in that country. They will use real people from that country as extras as it emphasizes how these people live and what goes on in their countries. One episode in the show will show people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, then you'll see a scene that shows how Kenyan life is affected in Nairobi. The show brings all these different cultures together and portrays the human race in the most realistic way possible. Because the show has the ability to teach people about all kinds of cultures and sexualities so positively, it's both beautiful and unique.

Final Thoughts

The real question is: Why has it taken so long for a show like this to grace our screens? All of the characters in this show are proud of who they are, and that's how it should be. It doesn't just represent queerness, it represents queer happiness. These characters love themselves and each other for who they are; hopefully, that has a positive influence on today's society. No matter who you are or where you're from, you are allowed to be who you want to be.

TV is dominated by straight, white characters. There is a stupendous lack of diversity among shows, and Sense8 highlights that — our society needs this show!

Do you think that Sense8 is a show that is breaking new ground and paving a way for more diverse characters to be portrayed on screen? Leave a comment!


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