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This post contains spoilers for Supergirl Season 2.

Now that 's return as has been officially confirmed for the Supergirl Season 2 finale, viewers are already on edge, wondering what could possibly be bringing Kal-El back to National City. Not that we're not excited to see him again, but an ordinary, everyday bad guy or girl shouldn't be enough to make Superman leave Metropolis.

But there is one evil hanging out in space who's far beyond ordinary: the Daxamite Queen, Rhea. And since it doesn't look like Queen Rhea () is leaving Earth's orbit anytime soon, could Superman be coming back to stop the powerful Daxamite from destroying National City and Supergirl? Let's examine the evidence!

1. Queen Rhea Controls The Dominators

The Dominators invaded the , and it took every weapon in the ' arsenals to send the aliens scurrying away. But those same Dominators wouldn't hurt Mon-El when they encountered him on a different planet. It was apparent they knew who he was, but why would they leave him alive? Could it have anything to do with not wanting to risk the wrath of Queen Rhea?

If this queen has the Dominators at her disposal, Supergirl is going to need some help to save National City — specifically, more help than the DEO can provide. That means it's a perfect time for Superman to return.

2. Queen Rhea Isn't Done With Earth (Or National City)

After killing her husband, Queen Rhea declared that she wasn't done with this world yet. No one is safe from her, and there is no way Supergirl can protect every citizen of National City if Rhea is raining down hellfire.

Let's not forget that Rhea seems to have an unlimited amount of money at her disposal, as evidenced by the bounty hunters she hired in an attempt to eliminate Supergirl. Kara's dynamic cousin, Superman, will help even the odds.

3. Queen Rhea Has Kryptonite

The DEO turned all of its kryptonite over to Superman, but Daxam had a plethora — which Queen Rhea didn't hesitate to use against Kara. And there's no doubt that she'll do it again. Kara can't fight Kryptonite, and there's no way Superman will stand by and let his cousin go up against a meteorite that could kill her.

It makes sense that Superman will come back to National City to protect Kara, and to help her defeat the queen. While we don't know that Queen Rhea will be the ultimate evil that Kara and Clark need to defeat in the season finale, we're only five episodes away. Introducing a new big bad that would require Superman's assistance to fight would be a bit disingenuous at this point. After all, Supergirl and her team have managed to keep the evil at bay all season long.

Either way, Superman is coming back to National City, and the viewers couldn't be more excited to see how many heads will roll once the Man of Steel hits town.

Are you looking forward to Superman's return to Supergirl?


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