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To begin, "The Batfamily" I am referring to consists of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. These characters are so close, and so influential to both Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman. "The Batfamily" has been represented quite well in comic books, video games, and in Batman: The Animated Series. The one medium that it has yet to break into correctly is film. What follows are five reasons why "The Batfamily" NEEDS to be introduced into the DC Extended Universe.

1. The Batfamily' Deserves To Be Done Well In Movie Format

A specific member of "The Batfamily" has already been explored in film, and that character is Dick Grayson's Robin. He was introduced in the critical dumpster fire knows as Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. This was not the best introduction to such a beloved character, but I think Dick Grayson has a real shot at cinematic redemption. With Ben Affleck directing his own film, tentatively being referred to as The Batman, I truly believe that the character will receive *ahem* Justice.

The remaining members of "The Batfamily" have never been introduced in a live-action format, and I definitely believe it is the time to do so. Most of the general audience is unfamiliar with the likes of Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Jim Gordon's daughter Barbara a.k.a. Batgirl. These characters have rich mythologies that would lead to very interesting additions to the world that Warner Bros. is building. And with great storylines such as The Killing Joke and A Death in the Family revolving around these characters, Ben Affleck and co. would have a plethora of material with which to build.

2. More Characters Equals More Diverse Action

Action in modern blockbusters can become stale rather quickly. After the 134th ship explodes in Independence Day: Resurgence, the action turns very one note. One of the most beloved segments in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the perfectly executed warehouse fight. The reason this fight is so compelling is because it's a different "kind" of action, when compared to the superhero beatdown that occurred previously.

Dick Grayson is a quick gymnast with electric batons, Jason Todd is a hothead turned gun-wielding psychopath, Tim Drake prefers a staff, and Batgirl is an immaculate detective and skilled warrior. Seeing a warehouse fight part two containing all of these varied types of combat skill would truly be a sight to behold.

3. Emotional Weight

Each one of these characters tends to enjoy tugging at the heart strings. Without spoiling some of the greatest DC comics in history, many of these characters experience life-threatening circumstances that leave Bruce in emotional tatters. Bruce Wayne in the DCEU as it exists now seems to be a bad day away from just murdering everyone in his path. The prevailing and most popular theory now is that, that bad day had already occurred, and it was executed by the Joker.

I think seeing Ben Affleck create the family that was stolen from him at such a young age would be a beautiful thing to see on screen. I hope that this universe is able to pick and choose great emotional moments, and turn them on their head. I think with Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns at the helm, these moments will be executed perfectly.

4. All The Spin-Offs

With each introduction of new characters comes real opportunity for further expansion down the road. There are already rumors that Barbara Gordon might make an appearance in Harley Quinn's upcoming solo film. I think that with the introduction of Robin creates a real possibility of seeing the Teen Titans on the big screen for the first time.

I would also love to see a movie centralized around Bludhaven, the city in which Nightwing — Dick Grayson's post-Robin persona — patrols. I think the more characters introduced to this world, the bigger and better it can become, and I for one am excited for that possibility.

5. Interpersonal Relationships

"The Batfamily" is known for its inner drama and personal repartee. Batman starts by training Dick Grayson, who then trains and oversees the next people to take the mantle of Robin. I would love to see training montages with Batman and numerous Robins, and see the father/son and brother/brother relationship dynamics at play. Not to mention Barbara and Dick have had an on/off relationship for years in the comic books.

All of the Robins also have a personal connection with both Bruce Wayne and Alfred, who serve as both father figures and guardians to the children occupying the house. I could watch an entire movie dealing with every Robin and Batgirl going on a mission given to them by Bruce, and I think two hours of compelling drama could easily be gleamed from that concept.

There's only one family that means more to Bruce than his Batfamily, and they've met their end in more than a few ways throughout the years:

So, those are my five reasons why "The Batfamily" is so crucial to the DCEU as a whole. What do you happen to think of these reasons? Would you love to see these characters introduced into the DCEU? Would you substitute in characters such as Damian Wayne or Carrie Kelly? Sound off below and let me know!


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