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Following this week's news that Ben Affleck recently spent some time in rehab seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, the DCEU's solo movie seems to be back on track and headed for Gotham City — although it's more of a leisurely local train than a high-speed express, if new rumors are to be believed.

Justin Kroll, the Variety reporter who frequently has scoops from reliable sources, claims that Matt Reeves will be hard at work on post-production for War For The Planet Of The Apes until at least the end of June. Half the cast of Apes perform motion capture to bring Caesar and friends to life, meaning there's even more CGI and VFX work to get through than your average, effects-heavy blockbuster.

Casting won't begin until July at the very earliest, meaning any rumors which pop up on the internet about new castings for The Batman before than are almost certainly just a load of filthy old horse dung.

What we do know is that JK Simmons will expand on his minor role in Justice League as Commissioner Gordon, and Joe Manganiello appears to be still on board as the ruthless mercenary Deathstroke, though we don't know if he's the main villain.

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Kroll reckons the shoot will begin in 2018 at some point or, to think of it another way, at least 281 days from now (although if they start shooting on January 1st, the hangover trauma will be real). That would mean we'd be looking at a release date of anywhere between March and November 2019.

One major advantage to Reeves coming on board to direct, as opposed to Affleck, is that he's an absolute master of VXF work — you probably won't see any better CGI this year than in War For The Planet Of The Apes (except perhaps for Kong: Skull Island). Affleck, on the other hand, has used digital effects a lot more sparingly in the movies he's directed, even if he's studied Zack Snyder's talents up close.

Perhaps The Batman will also feature Gorilla Grodd. Maybe? No? Hey, I can dream.

Do you think Matt Reeves's vision for The Batman will be worth the wait?

Oh my grodd. [Credit: 'The Flash', The CW]
Oh my grodd. [Credit: 'The Flash', The CW]


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