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Yesterday, released the trailer for their much anticipated live-action version of . It has thus far received critical raves and anticipation will only increase the closer we get to the March 17, 2017 release date. The story is an adaptation of the original animated film of the same name. Having all that said, does the film garner an automatic slam dunk for the House of Mouse?

After having viewed the trailer a few times, I compiled some thoughts that may throw some obstacles in between the film and critical and commercial success.

It’s A Carbon Copy Of The Original

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

The trailer did what all initial trailers do, which is show off some of the spectacle and perhaps a glimpse of the story. What I saw was very impressive, however it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. The live version looks to be taking more than its fair share of "homages." The rose petal falling, parts of the riot at the beast’s castle and even Belle going to save her father all bear a striking resemblance to the source material.

I understand that we are in a day and age of remakes, but at least offer me something different. Make me feel like there was a point to making the film other than just a simple cash grab. Beauty and the Beast is a phenomenal picture, so much so that it created an entire category at the Academy Awards. So if you aren’t bringing me your A game, focus your efforts on something that NEEDS to be retold. We never really got that Black Hole follow up.

It Has An All-Star Cast

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

stars as the titular , the signature Beauty to Dan Stevens’s . While one could argue that this is damn near perfect casting on the part of Belle (shouldn’t she have a French accent as opposed to English?), Dan Stevens sounds exactly like the previous incarnation. So much so that I thought they had gotten Robby Benson back from the original. Alas, they hadn’t and the Stevens’s voice was digitally modified to create the beast's throaty, monstrous tone.

There is nothing wrong with that per se, but if your aim is recreate the original film as much as possible, why not get the original actor? To the best of my knowledge all the voice actors are still alive and kicking except for Jerry Orbach (RIP). I’m sure actors like Ian McKellan, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci, and Ewan McGregor (really? As Lumière? Sure. Why not?) will all give excellent performances. They will offer something different at the very least, which is a good thing.

Final Thoughts

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

The film looks like a fun romp and a lot of fun in the theaters. The trailer brings with it a lot of nostalgia for the original, which I am sure will work in its favor. The original film was a surprise to everyone when it hit theaters (including yours truly). Having said that, the success of Disney's live-action adaptations is not a guarantee.

For every , there will be a . The new film has a lot to live up to. Disney took an old fairy tale about a kidnapped woman who eventually married the beast because she felt sorry for him, and turned it into one of the most beloved romance stories of all time. The filmmakers have an immense shadow to step out from under. They could be seen as the underdogs to this story. A remake trying to outshine its predecessor? It’s a tale as old as time.

Did the new trailer make you feel nostalgic? Sound off in the comments!


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