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Robbie Herr

The Walking Dead is AMC's show that has become a huge hit, even with people who don’t like zombies. But looking at how fast trends phase in and out, how has this show stayed alive when zombies have been on the backburner of pop culture for so long?

Finally a gruesome show

Zombie fans always enjoy a solid headshot. There's just nothing that compares to the crushing noise of an ax, sword, bullet, arrow, or any other weapon to the head that finally kills the living dead. That is something that today's shows lack. Now, there's nothing wrong with the abundance of boobs and hard abs that take over every channel, but it's nice for those boobs and abs to rot and get killed every now and again. A show that depicts accurate representations of lopping off heads and ripping flesh apart has been a needed for a long time and people are absolutely loving it.

Has different locations

When a movie is done, there's always that thought of, "What if they went to this location or building?" The Walking Dead gives us that satisfaction, albeit quite slowly. They've been in the city, on the road, in the woods, at an isolated farm and in a prison. We get to experience zombie survival at each place, all while continuing the same gruesomeness and story-line we love.

A compelling storyline, for a zombie apocalypse

Yes, this show can at times be incredibly slow moving and drawn out, but it still brings us back. The characters are so developed that each one has a backstory and a reason for us to care about them, which makes it sad when one of them dies, well, when select ones die. If we get bored of one story-line, there’s always another we can enjoy. Don’t care about Lori's baby? Forget about that and pay attention when the Governor comes on. That's the beauty of television, it isn't confined to one story in two hours like a movie.


Does this even need an explanation? He could very well be one of the most badass characters to ever show up on TV (here's where people comment and disagree). Armed with his crossbow and an "I don't-give-a-crap attitude", he is the character we all get excited to see on the show.


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