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This has been a big week for the iconic comic book character . After the death of Laurel Lance in Season 4 of Arrow last year, Season 5 just introduced the original Black Canary. Black Canary was also revealed to be involved in Injustice 2 on Thursday. It seems that the beloved comic book character may be making a bit of a comeback.

Dina Drake — The Golden Age Black Canary [Credit: DC Comics]
Dina Drake — The Golden Age Black Canary [Credit: DC Comics]

Last week on Arrow, after Earth-2's Black Siren wreaked havoc in Star City, Oliver Queen decided that he wanted to find another woman to take the mantle of being the next Black Canary. In Episode 11, "Second Chances," we were introduced to Tina Bolland, whose real name is Dinah Drake. This name should sound familiar — it's the name of the Golden Age Black Canary. Interestingly, she made her first appearance in The Flash comics. seemingly referenced that with her origin story (and brief cameo from The Flash) in Central City.

Based on what we've seen in Second Chances, it appears that Dinah Drake will be a much more forthright Black Canary than Laurel was. Laurel Lance's Black Canary never quite had an appealing storyline. It never felt believable when she was fighting, quite unlike Sara Lance's Black Canary. Part of the reason for this was probably due to the fact that her storyline was so poorly written. Her robotic canary cry also seemed a bit irritating at times as well. Introducing Dinah Drake was clearly an attempt at rebooting Black Canary — a reboot that the show desperately needed.

Dinah Drake's Black Canary seems so much more promising. There a lot of mystery in her storyline, which makes her character much more compelling similar to the way that Sara Lance's storyline was compelling. It helps the viewers see her being more of an equal with the Green Arrow. It's also nice that she has meta-human powers that give her the canary cry because it's much more consistent with the comic books and more fluent that way. Additionally, based on her aggressive personality and adept choreography, it is much more believable that she's a good fighter. Ultimately, Dinah Drake appears to be a much-needed answer to Arrow's Black Canary problem.

Black Canary In 'Injustice 2'

A trailer for the highly anticipated Injustice 2 has revealed that Black Canary will be involved. In the trailer, she appears to be taking on a similar role to the one she had in Young Justice, helping to recruit and train new members to the Justice League. She also appears to be testing Blue Beatle to see if he is ready to join the League. Her fighting style and canary cry looks amazing. It's unclear if the Green Arrow will be introduced in Injustice as well, but the odds of that happening seem pretty good now. Regardless of whether or not Green Arrow is involved, it seems like the developers of Injustice 2 are developing an impressive game.

Check out the storyline for Injustice 2 in the video below:

What This Means For Her Future

I think it's fair to say that a lot of fans have been upset recently with the way in which the Black Canary was portrayed in the . Just scrolling through some of the comments on the Injustice 2 you can see that a lot of people no longer find the Black Canary to be an appealing hero. Hopefully, given time and her recent reset in the Arrowverse, fans will start to appreciate the character again.

What do you think of Black Canary's appearance in Injustice 2?


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