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Ever since Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi announced that this would be his last year in the TARDIS, speculation has been swirling about who would be stepping into the shoes of the thirteenth Doctor. While there are male actors who have seen their names mentioned as possibilities by the media to be the thirteenth Doctor, the odds on favorite (according to the oddsmakers, at least) to be the next Doctor is iconic actress .

Just why, though, should the British actress take on the role of the iconic Time Lord?

It's About Time For A Female Time Lord

When you have politicians speaking about why the male-dominated needs to see a woman in the lead role, that should be a sure indication that it's time for the gender divide to close.

'Michael Clayton' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Michael Clayton' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Harriet Harman, former acting deputy Labor leader in 2010 and 2015, noted that it was time for a female Time Lord:

"Peter Capaldi was excellent — but yes, of course there should be a female Doctor, and what we need is a man as her assistant. She's got to just tell him what to do — he'll need that leadership."

In addition, since the series bowed in the mid-1960s, there has never been a female Doctor, except when posing as an imposter. It's time to allow women to step into the role.

Swinton Takes On Alternative Roles Regularly

Tilda Swinton is known for her somewhat exotic appearance, her film roles and her performance art. Taking on the part of the sometimes quirky, unusual Doctor seems to fit with Swinton's repertoire, while still presenting the actress with challenges enough to entice the fans of the series.

'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

For instance, Swinton garnered a fair amount of criticism when it was announced that she would take on the role of the Ancient One in last year's Doctor Strange. Given the Ancient One was generally portrayed as Asian and male, Swinton was scrutinized coldly for taking on the role, although she was excellent as always.

She has also portrayed a vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive, a Bowie-esque pop star in A Bigger Splash, and twin gossip columnists in Hail, Caesar! so she clearly has the chameleon-like ability to shift from one different role to another.

Why shouldn't she be the thirteenth Doctor? Even if people were concerned about a woman taking on the traditionally male role, Swinton has proven she can bear the scrutiny.

Gender-Blind Casting Should Move To The Small Screen

'Michael Clayton' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Michael Clayton' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Marvel, in spite of the criticism that occurred in the wake of the Doctor Strange casting, did the right thing as far as putting Swinton in the traditionally male, Asian role. While the studio could have found an Asian female in order to fulfill the part of the Ancient One, the gender-blind casting that occurred throughout the situation was spot on.

It's time that gender-blind casting actually moved to the smaller screen, and having an actress of Tilda Swinton's stature taking on the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who would be a great twist on a traditionally male role. In addition, putting Swinton in the role of the Doctor could open the show up to whole new story possibilities, and that's an exciting position for the show to be in.

Come On, 'Doctor Who,' Give Swinton The Part

If Swinton were made the Doctor, she would also bring her own legion of fans into the Doctor Who universe, and that's an exciting prospect for the show. She's got the pedigree, the skills and the repertoire to take on the role — what better reasons to see Swinton step into the Doctor's shoes?

What do you think about Tilda Swinton taking on the role of the thirteenth Doctor?


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