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Detroit has been taking a bit of pounding these last last few weeks, with rolling his Transformers: Age of Extinction production into town and then proceeding to blow up everything in sight. Bay certainly subscribes to the mantra "more is more" and despite revealing a while back that this fourth installment of the big-bada-boom franchise would be budgeted lower than the previous Transformers movies, it seems that old habits die hard and Bay has ramped up the spectacle and the dollars to make Transformers 4 the most expensive in the series to date.

is one of the stars of the movie and as part of a press junket for his current movie, 2 Guns, he revealed that the budget on Transformers 4 is huge:

(via Digital Spy)

To be honest, are you really surprised that Bay is throwing a lot of cash at the project? He deals in spectacle and while his movies might lack subtlety, nuance and even taste, at least you know where all that money has gone, which is usually on explosives, shiny cars and more explosives.

In an extra piece of Transformers new, British newcomer Victoria Summer has been cast in the movie, although her role has not yet been revealed.



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