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Now, there are a whole lot of perfectly valid reasons to delete an image from social media. If, say, you inadvertently included your full home address in an Instagram post, or accidentally weren't wearing pants in a Tweet, it makes a whole lot of sense that you'd opt to take the image down. Similarly, there are times where you might have posted something horrifyingly offensive without realizing it, and then felt a rather prudent urge to get the offending content as far away from public consumption as possible. Heck, in some cases, you might just have decided you don't want your new friends to see that old picture of you dressed as a sexy Scooby Doo, or that phase where you kept earnestly over-tagging everything.

Or indeed both. [Scooby Doo/Warner Bros]
Or indeed both. [Scooby Doo/Warner Bros]

For the vast majority of us, then, such retroactive revision is both entirely reasonable, and typically pretty straightforward. After all, if your friends are cunningly storing copies of your embarrassing old photos, then you likely have bigger problems on the horizon. For anyone who's "internet famous," though — and especially anyone involved in any aspect of superhero movie-making — such removal is far from easy. After all, the moment most famous folks post anything online, it's instantly "screenshotted," posted to Reddit, and generally over-analyzed to the point of philosophical discomfort. Which is, of course, why we're about to ask the following question:

Why Was This Avengers: Infinity War Location Shot Just Deleted By The Russo Brothers?

It is, after all, a seemingly innocuous enough image — the —directing brothers stand under a vaguely (but not especially alien-looking) series of half-arches, looking contemplative. The location isn't recognizably somewhere we've seen before in the , and balances out its futuristic-ish appearance with what is clearly a fairly ancient provenance. In other words? It's not at all clear why felt the need to delete the above image from social media not long after first posting it.

Of course, it's entirely possible that they know something we don't — that hindsight will eventually reveal the location to be a key link to another movie, say, or tease a scene in the (as-yet-unnamed) second of their upcoming films. Alternatively, it's conceivable that the brothers didn't actually have permission from the site owner to post the image, and were thus simply doing the duly diligent thing by taking it down.

Or, of course, they might just be screwing with us. We'll likely find out as soon as Avengers: Infinity War hits 2018.

Still want more Avengers-themed fun? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

What do you think, though? Why did the Russo brothers delete that mysterious image? Let us know below!



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