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OK. Let's face it. . Explosions, explosions and well, explosions. From Bad Boys to Transformers to Pain & Gain, Michael Bay is an explosive director who has a unique vision for every film he directs/producers. The poor guy gets a lot of negative criticism due to his radical changes and filming of classic 80s cartoons, which in all respect he should leave alone or try a different approach. However, even when he does this, Michael Bay is actually a great director who brings life and action into all the films he creates. Instead of hating the guy, we should love him, and this why I am here writing to you.

Bad Boys I and II

Has everyone forgotten about these two films? Like come on!!!! Will Smith and Martin Lawerence doing what they do best. Michael Bay has truly brought us a classic series that still causes laughs and explosions to this day. The theme of drugs and gangs is still apparent in MB's films as shown in Pain & Gain (2013). Bad Boys makes us sit down and watch a good decent film that is not complicated or emotional. By the end of it, we applaud it and we realise that Michael Bay should be loved as a director.


Slow motion. So much slow motion. But even so, Armageddon is a true end-of-the-world flick that is emotional, explosive and entertaining. The story could be improved but the comedy of the characters as well as big time actors playing the roles, goes to show Michael Bay can create an action packed movie that will make you feel like a patron by the end of it. It's long and explosive but Armageddon will always be remembered for something big.

Pearl Harbor

Ah yes. Pearl Harbor. Twice as long as Armageddon and on a much bigger scale. This is a movie that Michael Bay should definitely be loved for. The fact that Bay has created a realistic approach on cinema to the actual event as well as the love story that intertwines with it, makes Titanic's storyline look like a piece of iceberg. Michael Bay has made Pearl Harbour a film to remember. It will go down in history as classic war film that will still be loved by millions in 20 years time. Like come on, Michael Bay deserves some love for this, right?

The Island

I am certain people have forgotten about this film too. Anyone remember the island? A clever movie that has a nice twist about the mistreatment of clones in the future. The fact that this could be a possible thing in the future is one thing; but also making us feel sorry for the clones is another. It's like crying about the storm troopers dying in Star Wars. Needless to say, The Island is a brilliant piece of cinema that has an original story and awesome cast. Along with this, the soundtrack has got to be a huge classic- particularly the final scene when the clones go outside and the way the music is played makes it look like a Qantas ad (Australian Joke). So before you go watch The Island (now that I have reminded you about it) there is one more film franchise that Michael Bay deserves a little love for.

Transformers (ALL OF THEM)

There is a reason why I made this franchise the last one. These god-damn robots are the reason why Michael Bay gets so much criticism. Yes he has changed a classic 80s cartoon into something twisted, yes the ending battles are quick and yes Sam Witwicky has a stutter; but come on, Michael Bay deserves a little credit. Not only has he created a unique vision for the robots, but the storylines and the music connects together brilliantly. Transformers is a huge scale production which Bay has successfully transitioned onto the big screen in live action form. He is in fact the only director who has created a legacy. Nobody can beat him at it. Nobody. With the 1,2 and 3 being a success (number 2 is questionable), the excitement for Transformers 4 is uncontrollable. New fresh actors, new fresh characters that will most likely make TF4 a remade version of Transformers 1 but at the same time a prequel as well. I know the films can be made better, but come on, give me a little credit. Bay deserves some love for it. Think about it.

So that is about it. We either love the guy or we hate him but in all honesty, Michael Bay has truly redefined cinema. With much anticipation for Transformers 4, Bay has shown the world what explosions and chaos really means. This is why we should love him. This is Michael Bay.

Comment below on what you think about all of this and stay tuned for more! Coming Soon: Why we love .


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