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If There Is One Show That I Will Never Stop Loving, It's Gossip Girl

It never gets old, even after watching all six seasons for the eighth time (sadly, a fact). I still remember the feeling of awe and infatuation my 13-year-old self felt watching the first episode in 2007. It was the show that had it all: drama, scandal, romance, comedy, crime and sex. It was, as The Boston Herald aptly noted "every parents' nightmare."

Coming up on four years since its finale, I decided to write about why this show is still phenomenal. Why is my now 23-year-old self just as obsessed as I was at 13? It's just another drama after all, right? Sure, it's a drama, but Gossip Girl is more complex, more original, and simply more entertaining than your run-of-the-mill soaps. Why? Read on, friend.

The Blair Wardolf

"Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here."
"Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here."

When I read the books that inspired Gossip Girl, Blair stood out as my favorite character. After seeing the show, my opinion remained the same. Leighton Meester is elegant, intelligent and delightfully devilish as beautiful Blair. On top of all this, she has incredible fashion sense and provides viewers with some great styling tips, e.g. "tights are not pants." As the show does with its other characters, we're also shown a deeper side to Blair's character. She wants to be mature but often resorts to scheming, she is vulnerable and she cares a lot for her friends. The best thing about Blair is undoubtedly her wit. She delivers enough brilliant one-liners and snappy retorts to fill a book. Example? "A hot lifeguard is like Kleenex: use once, and throw away." Gold.

The Friends

“We don't judge. We're the Non-Judging Breakfast Club, we're your best friends.”
“We don't judge. We're the Non-Judging Breakfast Club, we're your best friends.”

The friendship of the four protagonist Upper East Siders (sorry, Dan) is another of Gossip Girl's highlights. Characters come and go, but Serena, Chuck, Blair and Nate are forever. The show does well in creating a realistic dynamic between the group. They don't always get along, but when it comes down to it, they're there for each other. When they are getting along, it's a wondrous thing to behold. Drinking, dancing, and dressing to the nines are all part of the norm. Oh, and gossiping. They're the modernized version of the Ryan-Marissa-Seth-Summer friendship that makes The O.C. so similarly lovable. Not surprising, since the shows are both created by Josh Schwartz.

The Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass being Chuck Bass.
Chuck Bass being Chuck Bass.

Dearest Chuck. What would Gossip Girl be without you? Very inferior to its high status now, I argue. Chuck is an intriguing character. He's reckless, wicked and, at times, selfish. His unapologetic nature is part of the reason he's so enthralling. Everyone loves a bad boy, after all. As the show progresses, we learn that Chuck is misunderstood, and actually has the capacity for real good. He also gives Blair a run for her money on the one-liner front: "There's nothing more boring than a sense of morality." His relationship with Blair is, of course, one of the show's focal points, and it never gets tiresome. One of the greatest things about the couple (second to their impeccable style) are the various names they use to refer to Dan: Humdrum Humphrey, Downer Dan and (my personal favorite) "that wool-haired whiner." So. Great.

The Fashion

Serena looking perfect as usual.
Serena looking perfect as usual.

Gossip Girl became big, fast, for many reasons: the controversial and compelling characters, the fast-paced plot, the soundtrack and, of course, the fashion. From the first episode to the last, the show was a trendsetter. The characters each have their own unique look, which adds to the appeal. Blair is classy and traditional while Serena is contemporary and chic. Nate wears the Ivy League jock look to perfection, and Chuck is sophisticated in colorful suits with patterned bow ties. The characters look 10/10 whatever the occasion. They even make uniforms look good. And sleepwear. The best part is, the fashion still looks good now — unlike The O.C., which is cringeworthy (but hilarious). If you're ever in need of tips on how to dress.

The Drama

The drama is never amiss in Gossip Girl. Something goes down in every episode, and it's pretty much always worth sinking your teeth into. From friend battles to enemy takedowns, there's something for everyone. The adults also have their fair share of scandal, and as in The O.C., it's equally good. While some seasons are better than others in terms of the storyline (Season 1 and 2 are my personal favorites), Gossip Girl does a pretty solid job of upholding a gripping and enjoyable plot. You'll want to stick this one out to the end — and then, you'll want to watch it all over again. Why not?

Watch the promo for the first season below. You know you want to.

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