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There will never come a time when fans have had enough of the Saga, and even though the series focused on a relatively young vampire falling in love with a high school girl, there is one character who is essential to the storyline. Without , Edward's story could have never been told, for it was Carlisle who changed Edward when he was dying of influenza.

Unfortunately, Carlisle was glossed over in the movies as the focus was on the romance. Viewers got a brief look at Carlisle's history, but it was only enough to whet our appetites. Those of us who've read the books know this character has a rich history and is one of the only, if not the only, vampire who never drank human blood to sustain himself.

Carlisle's backstory would interest more than just Twilight fans and could even be told as a standalone movie. Lovers of history, fantasy — including witches and vampires — and romance would fall in love with the tale of a seventeenth-century son of an Anglican pastor who hunted witches, vampires and werewolves.

In a time when historical and fantasy dramas are at their peak, Carlisle's story would attract fans of television shows like , , and as well as those interested in , and .

The leader of the Cullens, Carlisle has lived for more than 360 years, and his life story is about so much more than his time as a vampire. It's about challenges, overcoming obstacles, living with a secret that could get you killed, fighting to live, and 300-plus years of compassion and hope. Carlisle's background would offer entertainment to even the staunchest Twilight enemy.

The Twilight Saga Stories have produced brief videos highlighting snippets of the history of the Twilight characters. For Carlisle, this would barely scratch the surface. Only a longer, fully detailed movie would do this character justice and introduce millions of viewers to a story that deserves to be told.

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