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We may not all be superheroes, but we sure could use one now. What, with a questionable president in United States office and the overall state of our global climate, a hero may just be what we need. But why do we always look to the men to answer our call for heroics?

, a.k.a. Diana Prince, is who we need, folks, and not just for her Lasso of Truth, either. As the young princess from the island of Themyscira, Diana Prince is the one with such an accurate moral compass that could possibly lead us out of the quagmire we may find ourselves in as of late. According to the film trailers for Wonder Woman, helps a young captain named Steve Trevor (played by ) when he suddenly becomes stranded on Themyscira which, for those unfamiliar with the basics of Wonder Woman's history, is an island of women. She has been trained all her life to be a warrior princess, and good thing, too, since she goes with him to help humankind put an end to World War I.

So, in this world where women are still fighting to have their voices heard — and where the truth is aching to be seen and realized — who better to support our pursuit of justice than Wonder Woman?

OK, so that's perhaps a bit dramatic, but the point is, we're in a world right now where there may not be complete faith in the president or his administration. We're in a world where people who should be brought to justice may not always be held responsible for things they've done. Wonder Woman, with her Lasso Of Truth and her innate sense of justice and morality, is the ideal hero that we need right now. She is the one we can hold up as a role model for humankind as someone who has the mental tools needed to fight for the truth.

In addition, while she's got great weapons and an ultra-cool invisible jet, it's her more human traits that make her the person — the hero — that she is. She's willing to call out people on their less-than-desirable traits. She wants to fight for what's right. She wants to help. Diana Prince may be an Amazonian princess, but she's really also human at her core, and that's what makes her such a rich, complex hero that we need.

Role Model For Women?

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

To be sure, she is gorgeous. As the daughter of Hippolyta, she is hard pressed to be anything but. She's also a fierce warrior thanks to her training from General Antiope. Women today need to be a balance of both in order to be both effective and respected in today's era. Those of us with daughters work hard to ensure that they feel strong, both mentally and physically, and that can be a regular challenge.

While it makes sense that Wonder Woman as a United Nations ambassador could be culturally insensitive to other nations, we need to go beyond the costume and look at the ideals that Wonder Woman upholds in order to determine what sort of role model Wonder Woman could be.

With her bravery and mental/physical strength, Wonder Woman is truly a hero that both women and men should hold up as an ideal. One look at the previews for Wonder Woman shows that the princess from Themyscira can be every inch the superhero that the real world could use today.

Which superhero do you think is an ideal role model for both men and women?


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