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As of now, fans are currently waiting for the embargo to lift to see how fresh Wonder Woman truly is before its release on Friday (June 2nd). If Twitter's any indication, then Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's new movie could do something that only Batman has done for DC Comics in the last decade: Be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

This has led to being the most anticipated summer movie by Fandango. It beat out Spider-Man: Homecoming, whose merchandise alone dwarfs all sales of DC Comics superheroes combined. Here are few of the reasons why:

1. Wonder Woman May Be The Best Fighter In All Of Comics

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If you're not a fan of comic books, Justice League: T.A.S. or DC Animated movies, then there's a pretty good chance you have no idea how awesome Wonder Woman is as a fighter. Batman gets mad props because he's usually written by men who want to give the world some sort of hope that us puny humans could stand with the gods. They write Batman so amazingly well that we actually believe this lie. Wonder Woman is the one that tells Batman when it's time to go detect (Seriously, go read this month's Trinity).

She would totally put the smackdown on Captain America as well. Basically, Wonder Woman is not only the strongest, but the most well trained due to her being — um, really, really old, a.k.a. having a long time to train. It'd be Cap's Shield versus Wonder Woman's vambraces, and she'd win that battle every time.

Wonder Woman's next movie should have her travel to Tartarus and recreate the Justice League: T.A.S. episode with Hawkgirl, just to see WW's kick hell's ass (and Hades's)!

2. She's Fighting The God Of War

Ares [Credit: DC Comics]
Ares [Credit: DC Comics]

Ares is one of the greatest villain in all comics. I know, it sounds like I'm drinking some Wonder Woman brand Kool-Aid, but she's battling Ares, the God of War, during a time where around 37 million people died because of the war efforts. He's going to be pretty powerful (an understatement).

3. Her Spirit Is Unbreakable

Diana Prince is simply better than Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Her confidence never waivers, nor does her honor. Diana's character is someone we can all strive to be. If you haven't watch her own animated movie, which is basically the blueprint for the one coming out, then you're going to be pleasantly surprised by how it easy it is to root for her. There's no crisis of character or grittiness due to some tragedy, just Wonder Woman standing tall.

4. Her Story Is About Everything Being Thrown At Her

Superman's story is about an alien trying to fit in on a different world. Bruce Wayne's story is about suffering a horrible tragedy in life and making every day since count. Wonder Woman's story is about the world trying to break her. She was princess of paradise, but she chose to help humans because she thought it was the right thing to do. It can be sometimes a tough act to pull off, but if successful, totally worth it.

Think about Hacksaw Ridge. Andrew Doss joined the military even though he didn't believe in guns. His story wasn't an arc, but more of an endurance test. I think Zack Snyder (and Joss Whedon) is a talented filmmaker, but I just hope he doesn't try to change her story with unnecessary grit. Instead, let's hope we see someone not budge an inch when her world's falling apart — inspirational.

5. It's The First

This just seems right, but still, way, way overdue. Wonder Woman is the first blockbuster (a budget over $100m) directed by a woman. She's also the first female solo film in the modern age of the shared universe. This is huge because it paves the way for other characters we love on the panel to have a chance to shine on the big screen. It's groundbreaking, just like The Dark Knight, and who doesn't want to be likened to Nolan?

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

You only need one reason to go see Wonder Woman: You want to see it! We all should be extremely excited to see what the DCEU have in stored for us on June 2, and wait, never mind, we are — according to Fandango.

How excited are you for Wonder Woman?


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