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If you were born in the '90s, you were more than likely a fan of the animated Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man cartoons. In the early 2000s, X-Men: Evolution came onto the scene and joined the ranks of these beloved animated shows. One of the reasons for X-Men: Evolution's success was the unique depiction of our favorite . However, good characterization wasn't the only reason this show was a hit. Here are several more reasons why X-Men: Evolution was able to separate itself from so many other animated TV series and comics:

4. They Were The First To Give Us X-23

If you've seen , you are very familiar with who (and what) X-23 is. While Logan certainly wasn't the first to bring her to the screen, the film did an outstanding job. However, X-Men: Evolution's version of the character does have some unique differences. One, in particular, is the fact that X-23 blamed Wolverine for causing her to become a weapon for HYDRA, later trying to kill him before she learns Logan had nothing to do with it. So yes, she's pretty awesome in the show and has even more of a backstory.

3. A New Look

'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]
'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]

Evolution not only gave us a new outlook on the show, but it gave each of the characters sleek uniform designs, such as the classic orange Wolverine costume shown above. The fans gave some positive feedback, considering how it took influence from Bryan Singer's X-Men (premiering just a few months before Evolution). Giving the audience (and comic book fans) a new look for the series was important because it easily separated itself from other comic adaptations and its predecessor, X-Men: The Animated Series.

2. The X-Men Are Depicted As Teens Rather Than Adults

When you compare both X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men: Evolution, one clear difference is the look of the characters. While there are still adult X-Men such as Storm, Professor X and Wolverine, most of the other X-Men are teens. Having the creators of the show opt for this look was quite bold; however, it seemed to have worked. It gave audiences a different look at the characters and a chance to see what direction they could have went in the comics had they stuck with most of the X-Men being teens rather than adults.

1. The Show Knows How To Tell Big Stories When Needed

'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]
'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]

While X-Men: Evolution greatly depends on telling the smaller story arcs to carry the show, it certainly does a great job at saving the explosive story arcs or major events for its season finales. Doing this gives the audience a purpose for returning the next season, and although it begins its next season slow, it's most definitely worth the wait for the season finales.

I'm Interested — Where Can I Watch The Show?

'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]
'X-Men: Evolution' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV / Disney/ABC TV]

Either I got your attention or you're a longtime X-Men fan, but either way you can stream all 52 episodes with your subscription to . While you're there, you can also stream every episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series and X-Men: The Animated Series.

Wrapping Up

It's safe to say that X-Men: Evolution is a must-watch, just for the sole purpose of viewing a unique portrayal of the X-Men. While its not the greatest adaptation of the X-Men, it certainly gives the audience a new approach. Evolution didn't have to rely on pulling pages from the comics or copying off of its predecessor, which is why I believe X-Men fans should at least give it a try, especially for the younger audience.


Have you seen 'X-Men: Evolution?' If so, tell us your favorite characters/episodes from the series!


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