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Yesterday, as I opened my mail and popped in my very own screening copy of writer/director Larry Kent's upcoming horror thriller She Who Must Burn, I couldn't have anticipated the shitstorm of awesome that was in store for me. She Who Must Burn's plot is controversial by nature and filled with beautifully honest realism and solid acting from a strong and talented cast. She Who Must Burn touches on several taboo topics and delivers them in-your-face with sheer brutality that is both fresh and much appreciated. Not just frightful and fun, this film penetrates much deeper into the world of moralistic wonder.

With so much to look forward to in She Who Must Burn, here's a few reasons why you need to check it out:

DVDs will be available exclusively at
DVDs will be available exclusively at

Set in rural middle-America, in some small Bible Belt town or another, lies the heart of this horror story; a story that is far from being implausible in our society today. A radical Christian church, (which is superbly reminiscent of the perpetually hateful Westboro Baptist Church I might add), and its fiercely charismatic preacher Jeremiah Baarker (Shane Twerdun), take vile action against those they seek to punish in the name of their distorted perception of their chosen god's will in this modernized witch hunt.

Angela (Sarah Smyth) is at the center of their misdirected and ignorantly blind hate as she heads a planned parenthood office right from her home. Controversial for themes including pro-choice and women's rights struggles, hypocritical hate mongering religious groups, religious, domestic or social based oppression and intolerance as well as the undeniable honesty of the visually-direct violence that is so unforgivably inflicted throughout.

Here we see the pot calling the kettle black.
Here we see the pot calling the kettle black.

Fans of cult-classic series Firefly and accompanying movie Serenity will be pleased to see familiar face Jewel Staite, who is also well known for her recurring role on hit suspense series The Killing. Not the only recognizable on-screen talent of this film, as aforementioned, the role of Angela is played by Sarah Smyth whom you may remember from fan favorite series Supernatural and hit dramedy flick, 50/50, as well as numerous other familiar and rising stars. For instance, young budding actress Havana Guppy, who you may recognize from adolescent series R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour or the science fiction reboot, V. Or the relatively obscure and dashing indie actor Shane Twerdun, whose ability to act so viciously was so natural it was both delightfully startling and eerily enticing. Whether the actors that make up this series are sprouting indie talents or already have a cult following of their own their performances are those of award winning starlets and stars.

Shane Twerdun as Reverend Jeremiah Baarker.
Shane Twerdun as Reverend Jeremiah Baarker.

Directed by Larry Kent, She Who Must Burn was also co-written with Kent by main protagonist actor, Shane Twerdun. The story is developed both visually and emotionally for each intertwining background story in a way that hooks its audience from beginning to finish. Great acting and controversial themes aren't the sole qualities that make She Who Must Burn a killer selection; the directing, writing, score and cinematography were as about as on par as every other key element this film needs to succeed, earning its keep in your horror collection.

Check out the official trailer for She Who Must Burn here:

Brilliant acting, writing and overall presentation, you don't want to miss She Who Must Burn. This one of a kind indie gem will be available either to rent or to own conveniently through many outlets and streaming services including Dish Network, Verizon Fios, DirecTV, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and of course XBox, on October 11. What have you got to lose?

Want to find out how you die? Play the pause game in the video below and leave a comment with your fate:

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