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We don't know how Infinity War will end yet, but one thing we can be sure of is that some of our heroes won't make it out of the story alive. The assumption I'm going with is that some of our favorite characters will die at the end of the cliffhanger in Part 1 as Thanos gains control of all the stones and gauntlet.

Thanos is supposed to be a dangerous foe, but how can the story portray that? So far he's only sat on his throne and smiled deviously. If viewers want to believe he's evil and a threat to the galaxy, he'll have to (at least partially), succeed in his plans. He will undoubtedly build the gauntlet and most likely kill a character or two. Captain America, Iron Man or Hawkeye seem like obvious choices. Vision is also a potential target as he has one of the needed stones in his forehead, powering his android body.

That being said, we'll need some new heroes to step up and make their big-screen debut in the next phase of the , but who will that be? I've been pushing for the for years because they'd be awesome to see and they're some of the most complex and interesting characters in comics! If you're not a comic book fan you can get caught up on the Young Avengers here.

Here are six reasons why the Young Avengers would be the most important future addition to the !

1. Heroes Spread And Discouraged

Avengers disbanded.  [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Avengers disbanded. [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Assuming some of our favorites die in Infinity War, we can also assume the others might take a break and disband the Avengers. Maybe an Avenger or two even leaves Earth with the Guardians. Either way, there will be a need for new heroes to step in, and that could easily introduce the Young Avengers.

In the comics, the Young Avengers were formed when the Avengers had disbanded due to several deaths and Stark's financial issues. This could easily translate to the MCU if our heroes are taking a sabbatical after their fight with Thanos. As a smart PR move, each Young Avenger mimicked traits, costumes and codenames of former Avengers:

  • Patriot (Captain America)
  • Asgardian/Wiccan (Thor and Scarlet Witch)
  • Hulkling (Hulk)
  • Stature (Ant-Man/Giant-Man)
  • Hawkeye (Hawkeye)
  • Speed (Quicksilver)

Seeing the young kids re-invent the Avengers could reignite the original team, especially if/when they go looking for help and training. It would be an awesome way to bring Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and others into the picture that could reboot an adult Avengers team later on, or even an Avengers Initiative training compound.

2. Passing Of The Torch

Avengers and Young Avengers.  [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Avengers and Young Avengers. [Credit: Marvel Comics]

A common story in comic books is the passing of the torch. Sometimes it's rejected by fans as cheesy or a cash grab, but the Young Avengers do a great job of pulling it off. Passing the torch is something I've been very excited to see in a comic book movie, and it's actually surprising it hasn't been handled yet. Within the Avengers you have the Captain America mantle that was passed to both Bucky and Falcon at different times. Thor is currently a female, as she's the worthy successor to Mjolnir.

As for the Young Avengers, you have Hawkeye, who takes the former's bow and codename directly after his death. She's young, but with her background in martial arts she's the perfect successor to Clint Barton. In the comics, after he's resurrected, the two become a duo!

Even though I'm sure we'll see Captain America die and Bucky take up the shield, it would be cool to see a Young Avenger trying to find his way and purpose, maybe even with Bucky's guidance.

3. Vision Needs To Be Rebuilt

Vision is reborn. [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Vision is reborn. [Credit: Marvel Comics]

One thing most fans can agree on is that Vision will be destroyed come Infinity War. The android has one of the six Infinity Stones powering his body and Thanos will need it to complete his gauntlet. Expect Vision to be one of the dead Avengers come the cliffhanger of Part 1.

Vision is also destroyed during the events that end the Avengers in the comics. He's torn in half by a possessed She-Hulk. He's stored in crates at Stark's lab, and the Young Avengers, through a complicated plot involving time travel and future tech, reassemble him so he may join their team. It's unclear how much he actually remembers, but the longer he is active the more he becomes the original Vision. Death has to be a part of storytelling; however, as an android, it would make sense to put some work into rebuilding this strong teammate.

4. They're Young

Young Avengers [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Young Avengers [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Young Avengers are obviously young teenagers. However, something that Marvel needs to consider is the age of their cast. How much longer does Robert Downey Jr. want to play a superhero? How much longer can Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans get into physically insane shape to play their iconic roles? Eventually they'll want to retire, just as Hugh Jackman retired from Wolverine.

If the Young Avengers were in their late teens, or even early twenties, they could remain strong characters in the MCU for decades. Originally, Marvel reported that this was part of the reason they went for a very young Spider-Man in Tom Holland. Holland is only 21, but portrays the teenage Peter Parker on screen and could easily become the anchor of the MCU going into the future as characters like Iron Man and Captain America disappear. Furthermore, if Spider-Man is around the same age as the Young Avengers he could easily become part of their team. It wasn't this way in the comics, but who cares — he fought Captain America! I'm sure they'd be star struck!

5. Much Needed LGBT Heroes

Wiccan and Hulkling [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Wiccan and Hulkling [Credit: Marvel Comics]

One of the biggest pulls for me in the Young Avengers is the romance between teammates Wiccan and Hulkling. Since their introduction, the two have been in a committed relationship, and have even become engaged.

Movies and television are often used as a way to teach, inform and push boundaries in areas of controversy, and superhero films should be no different. With such a wide array of heroes and characters being added to the MCU, it makes sense to start representing people from all walks of life! It would do amazing things for LGBT rights to show two proud, strong male heroes who love each other and are committed to each other. The two could easily become one of the most iconic duos of the Marvel franchise, not to mention the unlimited merchandise potential.

Most of all though, having gay superheroes portrayed as normal and confident could do amazing things for children everywhere who are not only gay, but different and unique, as well as showing tolerance to people who are different. Everyone enjoys relating to characters, and these two could hit that empathy topic hard.

6. Introduction Of The Skrulls

Young Avengers vs Skrulls [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Young Avengers vs Skrulls [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Since The Avengers in 2012, the MCU has been teasing Thanos, the Infinity Stones and the large picture Infinity War films, so what comes next? What's the next big story that could build over the next six years or more of Marvel films? A favorite arc that comes to mind is the Secret Invasion comic event from 2008.

The Skrulls are an alien race known for shape-shifting and impersonating high profile characters, as well as their centuries-long war with the Kree. We've already met the Kree in both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to introduce their ultimate foes.

The Skrulls have a very interesting connection to the Young Avengers because Hulkling is actually a half Kree, half Skrull prince who was conceived out of hope that these two races could find common ground and end their war. Hulkling himself is also a shape-shifter, but has intense strength and regeneration, which makes him perfect for mimicking the Hulk's costume and codename.

The Illuminati [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Illuminati [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Bringing in Hulkling directly connects to the Skrull Secret Invasion and the Kree war, but the other reason this would play out well on the big screen is introducing the secret Illuminati team, which includes: Iron Man, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Professor Xavier and Namor of Atlantis. These men from different walks of life met in secret to vote on important events and share knowledge. They also each took one of the Infinity Stones to hide, which would also amazingly tie back into where the MCU is right now. The Illuminati team would have to be different, but Star-Lord, Black Panther and Hank Pym would all be great substitutions.


Would you like to see the Young Avengers?


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