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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'entrate. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

They say there is no place like hell. According to several religions and beliefs, this is the place that waits for us in the afterlife if we act in evil and decadents ways while living. If we want to avoid hell, we need to live a life of virtue and free of sins. If not, eternal damnation, interminable torture and endless suffering will be waiting for us after death.

As tempting as hell sounds, many people shudder at the idea of eternal suffering. After all, who wants to be poked unceasingly in the stomach by a tiny little red demon in a lake of fire for the rest of time?

Humans, with a weird fascination for this damned place, have created literature and myths that revolve around it. In recent times, these depictions have made it to films, and is no exception. There have been several horror movies that have portrayed hell, so I want to introduce to you a few gems that show us different versions and visions of this place of damnation. I can assure you that all of them are incredibly creepy and scary — just as hell should be.

Before continuing, I have to say that there will be millions of heavy spoilers ahead! Don't read the description of the movies if you haven't watched them. You have been warned!

1: As Above So Below

Paris hides a great secret. Under its beautiful and platonic streets exist miles of tunnels and catacombs that most people don't know about. A group of friends decide that exploring them would be a great and unique experience. They are not wrong, they just don't know that this unique and different experience will be, in reality, a nightmare that will take them into the deepest circles of hell.

Gnostics believe that into order to ascend into Heaven, in order to reach true Divinity, you need first to descend into hell. This is what this movie is all about. Facing our demons is the only way to liberate ourselves and to achieve illumination. If you like movies with religious and occult themes, is one of the best out there. Most people will not identify the symbolism, but it is great to see a movie talking about these subjects in a scary and creepy way.

2: They Found Hell

A group of investigators have discovered something that can undoubtedly change human history for good: teleportation. While testing this new discovery, they are dragged into a place of desolation and suffering. They have arrived in hell. Terrible monsters and creepy creatures are waiting for them there — demons that only the most wicked imagination could have created. Now they have to escape from it, but are they brave (and good) enough to do so?

This one is the least subtle film on the list. It tells you from the beginning that our main characters are in hell. It is also the least polished film. After all, it was made for television. But I assure you, that even with all its flaws, this is a very entertaining and spooky movie that gives us a unique vision of this place. An action-packed film that fans of cheesy horror movies will enjoy — I know; I am one of them.

3: Hellraiser: Inferno

Joseph Thorne is not a good person. He is corrupt and violent, but he is the best at what he does: he is an excellent detective. Now, he is facing the hardest and weirdest case in his career. A serial killer simply known as The Engineer is committing gruesome murders and only one person can stop him, but it will not be easy. Strange things that defy all logic are starting to happen, and now, Joseph will discover that he is not the hunter, but the hunted.

This movie depicts a different kind of hell. The main character is trapped in a eternal loop of suffering and confusion. He will have to pay for all eternity the heinous acts that he committed in life. If you are a hardcore fan, chances are that you have probably watched (and enjoyed) Inferno already. If not, you have to check it. You will not regret it.

4: Baskin

Talking about corrupt cops, Remzi and his friends — a group of dirty and rude policemen — have received a distress call from an old and abandoned building that has a terrible reputation. As bad as they are, they are no cowards, so they decide to go there to investigate. They will never expect to see the things that are waiting for them in that evil place.

Another great depiction of hell, this one mixes two kinds of mythologies (Catholic and Muslim) and gives us a terrific version of hell from both traditions. It has also a great twist at the end. Watch it if you are a fan of foreign films.

5: Farmhouse

Scarlet and Chad hope to leave their old lives behind. They move to a new city to start a new life. That's all they want after their baby died. Soon, they will realize that old sins are never forgotten nor forgiven. The consequences of the terrible acts that they committed in this world will chase them until they have paid for all the things that they have done.

This film shows that there are several kinds of punishments in hell and that the worst sins will guarantee an eternity of suffering. This movie is also different because, for most of the time, the characters don't know that they are living in the afterlife. In fact, Farmhouse seems to be only a torturing film until the final revelation. One true hidden gem that all horror fans have to know.

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