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2010's reboot/sequel/whatever it was of the Predator franchise, creatively titled Predators was a decent success at the box office, making back its money and then some, if not exactly wowing audiences. But, as with any franchise, rumors of a sequel have been swirling ever since then, though nothing has ever been confirmed.

But 20th Century Fox has been hinting at some mighty interesting tidbits via the Predators Movie Facebook page, spotted by the eagle-eyed crew over at Posting the status update, "Something is coming...", along with the below picture, is a big tease for fans:

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We'e all gonna die," is a quote from the original 1987 Predator film. If you're wondering about the background image, it's the Petco Center (lower right-hand corner) and general area of the San Diego Comic-Con, which is held in the Convention Center every year. We've all heard the rumors that 20th Century Fox is primed to make some big announcements at SDCC, with rumors of an X-Force movie heating up. Will they also be dropping a 'Predators 2' announcement at SDCC? As your old Magic 8 ball used to say, "All signs point to yes."

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