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Superheroes are going through a bit of a renaissance recently. All the big guys are getting their own super-budget blockbusters, while even the more obscure vigilantes and crime-busters are getting their due. The CW has already successful broken out into the superhero genre with Arrow (Movie), and now they plan to go even further with Amazon.

Amazon will tell the early tales of Diana of Themyscira, or as she's more widely known, Wonder Woman. Now, according to STV, Scottish born lassie might be taking on the action-packed role. We should probably mention nothing has been confirmed yet, nonetheless sources close to the production have stated Manson has been called back for multiple auditions. That's a good sign, right?

Manson is certainly no stranger to television. As with practically every actress who tries to cross the Atlantic, she has done her extensive tour of British television, most notably Torchwood and Being Human. Hopefully, landing the role of Wonder Woman could really shoot her into the big time.

At the moment details on Amazon are scarce, although only recently The CW president, Mark Pedowitz, reiterated his desire to get the DC reboot going as soon as possible. According to Comic Book Movie there was even talk of a potential Amazon-Arrow cross over. So, if you want to be kept updated with all the latest information on this exciting show, make sure to [[follow]] Amazon.

Do you think Amy Manson can pull off Wonder Woman? And what do you think of that Amazon-Arrow crossover? Let us know below!


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