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With a reunion that was over quicker than one of Karen Walker's marriages, Will & Grace triumphantly returned to our screens after a 10-year absence. As the cast reunited for a bit on the Trump/Clinton election, it seemed that they haven't aged a day, and reminded us what made the show great. If you haven't seen the reunion yet — or you just want to relive it, in all its glory — check it out below:

The core cast of Will, Grace, Jack, Karen - and of course Rosario - were frequently bumped up by some pretty impressive guest appearances. Only the likes of Friends and Ugly Betty offered such a galaxy of stars - over its eight seasons, Will & Grace featured everyone from Madonna to the late, great, Gene Wilder. Here are our Top 10 celebrity cameos from NBC's campy comedy.

10. Macaulay Culkin

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Jason Towne

Appearance: "May Divorce Be with You" (2003)

Highlight: The fact that the kids at law school call him 'Soupy'. Why? Because he likes soup!

Looking at sitcom cameos, I bet you wouldn't expect Home Alone's Kevin McCallister to be there, but here he is! What earns Culkin a spot on this list is the fact that we actually didn't expect him to be that good as Karen's bumbling divorce lawyer, who seems fresh out of high school. Sure, the child actor may have fallen off the rails a little bit, (these days he sings songs about pizza), but we forget that Macaulay Culkin was first and foremost an actor. Pulling the old Usual Suspects, it turns out that Culking isn't actually as hopeless as we first though, and intended to trip Will up all along. The script lends itself perfectly to the fact that Jason Towne is effectively a kid in a suit, so why the hell not cast the Peter Pan of acting?

9. Tim Curry

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Marion Finster

Appearance: "I Do, Oh, No, You Di-in't: Part 1/Part 2" (2004)

Highlight: That smooch with Meghan Mullally (and John Cleese)

The Finster storyline of Season 6 saw Karen Walker begin a romantic relationship with the John Cleese, who played the father of her husband's mistress (played by Minnie Driver). The show has a Friends style wedding episode in Vegas as Karen Married Lyle Finster (Cleese). Whilst Cleese was great in the role as Karen's short-lived fourth husband, it was Curry as Marion who stole the show. The eccentric (and effeminate) brother of Cleese was Curry at his comedic best. Since suffering a stroke in 2012, Tim Curry has taken a backseat from acting, but his stint in W&G reminded us just how good he is at comedy. Best-known as the enigmatic Frank-N-Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Curry returned as the narrator is this year's controversial television reboot of the film.

8. Sharon Stone

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Dr. Georgia Keller

Appearance: "The Blonde Leading the Blind" (2005)

Highlight: "The stapler is your penis, and you are worried Gary's is bigger."

Will's 'tough, but good' therapist turned out to be Sharon 'crotch-shot' Stone, who turned her therapy to Grace's many issues. Whereas Dr. Keller hated Will, she instantly bonded with Grace, causing rivalry between the two friends. Will and Grace competed to be teacher's pet, and appear in Dr. Keller's latest book, but ultimately both were deemed too crazy even for her work. Playing her typical tough cookie, Stone was at her femme fatale best. Thankfully, she managed to keep her legs closed during this therapy session, and we adored the similarities between this and her role as criminal author Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. Luckily, there weren't too many echoes of her appearance in Catwoman.

7. Elton John

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Himself (the head of the Gay Mafia)

Appearance: "The Honeymoon's Over" (2002)

Highlight: "One wrong move, and this bitch, will be back!"

Will & Grace meets The Sopranos as Sir Elton John headed up the Gay Mafia in a truly bizarre guest-role. The real-life Gay Mafia was a rumor of the '70s, where reportedly Calvin Klein, Truman Capote, and Andy Warhol ruled Studio 54. Now, we aren't saying Elton rules a modern-day version, but the joke is still there. In this episode Jack thinks that the Gay Mafia is after him, but Will is quick to dismiss it. Jack storms out, leaving Will alone to face the wrath of Elton John's Don Corleone bullying. Gay Mafia intimidation includes a bottle of wine being poured over his Gucci suit. Elton sure does love an 'as-self' cameo, appearing in the likes of Nashville and The Simpsons...also, does anyone remember that time he was in the Spice Girls film Spice World ?

6. Kevin Bacon

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Himself

Appearance: "Bacon and Eggs" (2002)

Highlight: Bacon and McCormack's Footloose dance routine

One of the show's greatest episodes has Will accused of being Kevin Bacon's stalker, whilst a downtrodden Jack is hired as the star's assistant. The episode focussed on Jack's dream of dancing with the Footloose star, but leads to Eric McCormack strutting his stuff instead. Showcasing Jack and Will at their best, Bacon shines alongside Hayes and McCormack. The episode has Bacon as a parody of himself, relieved to have a stalker...meaning his career isn't dead yet. Whilst Bacon reportedly hates to hear the Footloose song play at weddings, he is still more than happy to poke fun at it as one of his most iconic roles.

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5. Jeff Goldblum

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Scott Wooley

Appearance: Recurring

Highlight: "I absolutely adore you. You are the brightest angel in all of heaven. Also, I'd like so much, so much, to get into your pants."

Let's be honest, any Goldblum cameo is going to be good, but as the bumbling Scott Wooley, he was a star of W&G. In another Friends-esque plotline, Wooley was the jilted high school boy, set on getting revenge on the wicked Ms. Walker. He developed a campaign to destroy her life, but seemed pretty inept - reverting to phoning then hanging up. Phase two involved Scott scheming to have Grace sack Karen as her assistant, which also failed. Basically, Wooley was a fool, and unlike many people, changed his first name (not his last) when using an alias. Eventually, like many of Karen's enemies, Wooley was seduced into being her lover, but she cut him loose when discovering he was too involved with her. Goldblum will always play the same quick-talking geek of a character that he has in The Fly, Jurassic Park, and The Grand Budapest Hotel...but that's why we love him, and Will & Grace was no different.

4. Britney Spears

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Amber-Louise

Appearance: "Buy, Buy Baby" (2006)

Highlight: "I clear $165 a week, I've moved out my storage unit...I'm on TV!"

A self-righteous Conservative's dream, Spears' turn on Will & Grace was far better than it should have been. When right-wing bosses take over OutTV, it looks like Jack's job could be in jeopardy, unless he buddies up with the new anchor (Spears). As the dim-witted (and outspoken) Amber-Lousie, Spears wouldn't have looked out of place reprising her role for the recent W&G political debate.

The twist is that Amber-Louise is really Peg, a hardcorde lesbian, using her fake image to break into television. Whilst side-splittingly funny, the episode caused controversy amongst Christianity groups due to a cookery segment called 'Cruci-fixins'. That - and the show's original air date of Maundy Thursday - sparked outrage. Although the segment was removed, and the air-date changed, Christianity groups still remained furious at NBC's error!

3. Minnie Driver

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Lorraine Finster

Appearance: Recurring

Highlight: Lorraine: "I'd like you to have all your things out by tomorrow morning, alright?"

Karen: "Oh...pssst...I'd like you to eat me!"

Karen Walker's enemies were numerous, and often hilarious, which is especially true of Minnie Driver's Lorraine Finster. Meeting Karen's husband, Stan, in prison, Lorraine seduced him and became his mistress. Described as a 'slutty prison cafeteria worker', Driver must have some thick skin to play the character that was even more deplorable than Karen Walker herself. As the mistress of her husband, and then as her daughter-in-law, the Finster/Walker feud was like an episode of Dynasty, but without the hammy acting. An implied prostitute, the episode "The Accidental Tsuris" alludes to Lorraine being born a man but raised girl - it is unclear whether this true, or just one of Karen's infamous put-downs. Lorraine got her comeuppance when turfed out by Stan and Karen, with Karen demand Lorraine 'release' all her stolen jewellery. Check out the above gif to see just why Driver was comedy gold!

2. Cher

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Character: Herself

Appearance: "Gypsies, Tramps and Weed" (2000), "A.I.: Artificial Insemination" (2002)

Highlight: Cher's second appearance in a vision to Jack in Season 4

Where some of the actors on the list excelled at playing someone else, it was only right that Cher play herself, and boy can she do that well! After frequent pop culture references to the diva, Cher appeared (uncredited) in Season 3. Jack's obsession with a Cher doll leads him to think that the real Cher is in fact a drag queen (nope, it wasn't Cher impersonator Chad Michaels). The doll featured was a $60,000 prototype which was a collaboration between NBC, Mattel, and the Ketchum Entertainment Marketing unit. Cher's appearance was kept a secret form a lot of the cast, and Megan Mullally said they flew her in, she did her scene, then left!

The singer-songwriter also improvised the end of her scene and unexpectedly slapped Sean Hayes...I bet he never washed that cheek again! Cher's second appearance was two years later in the Season 4 finale, persuading Jack to pursue his career in acting. Just like the infamous Beauty School Drop Out scene from Grease, but with more buff men, Cher's blonde wig and divine intervention showcased Will & Grace kookiness at its best. Cher was the only star to appear twice as herself, and each time with perfect comedic timing.

1. Leslie Jordan

Character: Beverley Leslie

Appearance: Recurring

Highlight: "Attention Republicans: Beverley Leslie is a homosexual!'

Madonna, J-Lo...even Cher aside, there was always going to be one guest star who stole the entire show of Will & Grace - Leslie Jordan's pint-sized Beverley Leslie. Mullally's Karen had many, many, enemies, but none more so than her frenemy Beverley. The sexually ambiguous Beverley Leslie is the male equivalent of Karen, married to an older woman named Crystal, in a marriage tied by money. The one-liners between Jordan and Mullally are as gif-able as they come, and their on-screen sparring became synonymous with their scenes. It is later revealed that Beverley had been dating Jack, but that Jack did so to support Karen's spending when she lost her fortune. The season finale reveals that a strong gust of wind blew Beverley off a balcony, leaving his fortune to Jack!

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Already an established actor and writer since the late '80s, the role of Beverley Leslie earned Jordan a well-deserved Emmy in 2006 for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Thanks to W&G Jordan gathered mainstream success in the likes of American Dad!, RuPaul's Drag Race, and American Horror Story - returning for this year's mysterious season. If Will & Grace does return, we HAVE to have Leslie Jordan! Perhaps he and Cher could feature in a Jack vision Pt.2?

Image: NBC Studios
Image: NBC Studios

Obviously no famous faces could possibly take away from the core cast, but the little side-roles made Will & Grace the show we came to treasure. After their little vacation, it looks like the appetite is definitely wetted for a return to the lives of Will Truman and Grace Adler - if we really do see more Will & Grace, which celebrity cameos could we expect from 2016. Ivanka Trump, a newly divorced Ange, or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson? Get thinking NBC...we want more!


Who was your favorite Will & Grace cameo?


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