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Eighteen years after the series pilot aired, NBC's hit sitcom Will & Grace made headlines yesterday when a reunion looked to be in the works. Even after the show's eight-year run, fans still haven't seen enough of Will Truman, Grace Adler, Jack McFarland and Karen Walker.

Debra Messing got us all hot and bothered earlier this week after posting a photo with her costars Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally on the old set, followed by a tweet yesterday reading "I feel like something BIG is going to happen tomorrow."

Something big indeed! As Messing had hinted, the gang is finally back together in a brand-new reunion scene. The show has been off the air for over ten years, but these television best friends didn't skip a beat.

Earlier today the hilarious ten-minute clip was released showing the core four deep in conversation about the presidential election. Check it out and see if you're surprised to find who is a Hillary supporter, and who is siding with Trump.

With a lot of laughs in between, the main argument is abundantly clear: Will and Grace are very against a Trump presidency.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McCormack expanded upon the skit and what he hopes viewers take away from it.

"I don't think you have to look too hard to figure out our politics but in general, Will & Grace — there was always four very different characters on that show and Max's idea of allowing Karen — as outrageous and insane as she is — to be the voice of Donald Trump and to allow Jack to be the voice of the undecided and millennials, perhaps, that don't get how they can contribute and why their vote counts. ... The vote is the important thing. Just go and vote. We hope if you're watching us that you'll figure the rest of it out."

Will And Grace Discussing The World's Injustices

One being that Donald Trump is running for President, the other that Jamie Dornan used a butt double in Fifty Shades of Grey. Two valid points.

See Also:

Karen Comes In Like A Wrecking Ball

Always one to antagonize the group, I'm not the least bit surprised to find Karen is a Trump supporter. Although I will say that her support seems to be less malicious and more based on her willful ignorance. That, or it's because she and Stan are close personal friends with Donald and Melania.

Enter Jack

So what happens when group finds that Jack is an undecided voter registered in Pennsylvania? A fight for his vote ensues, obviously.

And How Do Will And Grace Win Him Over?

After Grace's rousing speech about all of Hillary's experience still isn't enough to woo him, it's the fact that Katy Perry is voting for her that wins Jack over. Admittedly, not the best reason, but anything to keep him from voting for Trump.

Even Rosario Makes An Appearance

Classic Rosario.

No matter who you're voting for, I think there's one thing we can all agree on: The cast of Will & Grace look freakin' incredible.

Don't forget to register to vote so you can be a part of this historic election. Click HERE to register.


Do you want to see Will & Grace rebooted for real?

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