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After months of rumors, it's official folks — Will and Grace is returning to NBC for a 10 episode reunion and the entire cast is on board! Will, Grace, Jack, and (drunk) Karen will all return to bring our favorite hot-mess group of friends back to life and we are officially squealing with joy.

The news broke via a Youtube video from NBC announcing the return of the iconic sitcom about a single woman in New York, her gay best friend, his gay best friend, and their drunk rich friend. Will and Grace was a groundbreaking in the early 2000s for gay men and women in Hollywood, winning 16 .

Debra Messing (Grace), Sean Hayes (Jack), and Eric McCormack (Will) all tweeted their excitement about the return, while Megan Mullally (Karen) has yet to share the announcement — which makes total sense because Karen is always late and usually drunk.

The original series creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are also on board, giving fans of Will and Grace a sigh of relief the reunion series is in good hands. However the question still remains — will Karen's maid Rosario make her return as well? One can only hope. Someone has to keep Karen in check.

Also in question to return is Grace's husband Leo, played by Harry Connick Jr. There is one famous guest star on Will and Grace that, sadly, we know will not be returning: Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds played Grace's mother on the sitcom, and passed away only hours after her daughter Carrie Fisher's untimely death.

Debra Messing and Debbie Reynolds (NBC)
Debra Messing and Debbie Reynolds (NBC)

The final season of Will and Grace ended with the titular characters roughly 25 years older watching ER together after reconciling their relationship. They had spent 20 years not speaking and are finally on good terms as their two children are set to be married. No word just yet on how this 10-episode run will fit into the events of the last season. The cast is certainly not aged enough for it to depict their lives 25+ years later, so it it would be reasonable to think the return series will depict what happened during the time jump we never saw.

Anything is possible, and it only makes me more excited to see this bunch of misfit toys back on TV. For me, the only appropriate way to describe how all fans are feeling right now is through Karen and Jack, so here goes.

1. When You First Heard The Rumors About Will and Grace Returning

Enough with the he said, she said. I want a confirmation people. I won't have a single martini until someone clears this mess up and it's official.

2. When NBC Officially Confirmed It

It's happening! What do I do? Who do I call? Do I have enough vodka for this? I'm drowning in feels while simultaneously sqeeing!

3. When It Set In That Will And Grace Is Really Coming Back

NBC, I am a really awkward person and I am not 100% sure how to thank you appropriately right now, sooooo — wanna make out?

4. When You Realized You Have Nothing To Wear For The Series Premiere

Time to head to Bloomies with the money I've been saving off the back end. I know just the way to get all my transactions approved.

5. When You Called Your Best Friend To Tell Them The News

"Get over here STAT. Will and Grace is coming back on TV and I'm in serious need of belly bump."

6. And You Both Laugh At The Haters Who Thought This Day Would Never Come

"Reboots suck."

Oh, do they? Obviously not enough because they are happening in droves and I am stoked.

7. When You Poured Yourself A Double To Celebrate, Karen-style.

Dirty with blue cheese olives please. Stirred, not shaken. I like to break the mold.

8. When Your Best Friend Tells You 11 AM Is Too Early To Start Drinking

I'm trying really hard to pretend I care. Better take another shot before I figure out how!

9. So You Tell Them To Stop Whining And Take A Shot

You're killing my vibe, and frankly, we are cuter when we are not sober. Join the dark side. Jack lives here.

10. And You Spend The Rest Of The Day Binge Watching Will and Grace Together

Cheers, queens! Will and Grace is coming back and better than ever. Give us all the drinks and drama we can handle.

Yas! Let's do this, and Rosario better be coming back too — she is Karen's one true love after all.

Will and Grace returns to NBC for 10 episodes in the 2017-2018 broadcast season.


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