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We may or may not actually have our that's said to appear in the film. After The Wrap gave us intel of one of the members from Green Lantern Corps making his way into the team-up film, we were left with some hope again. Now, with actor André Gordon's sudden eruption about his possible casting as John Stewart, we can assume that Zach Snyder is searching for a potential candidate. Or, at least that's what Gordon's causing us to assume. Here's what he posted on Instagram:

So, could he actually become John Stewart? Well, we are used to this form of candidacy, especially after Alan Ritchson's Twitter uproar after a follower asked him if he was going to be Shazam. Before this, Tyrese Gibson made sure to do his very own campaigning to become Stewart for the and that didn't exactly happen. Could this turn out to be another run at the character? Possibly. So we should again, take this with a grain of salt (or at least until we hear from Snyder), himself. He's always treating the fans over on his Twitter account.

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Gordon's credentials consist of guest appearances on MAD TV, Campus Ladies, Scrubs, and Zoey 101 along with films Old School, Like Mike, and SWAT. These aren't exactly action-packed flicks, but that has never stopped before. He may have finished auditioning before posting to his Instagram, since he states "The pieces are coming together." Or, he could have spoken with an official about the role. We will have to wait and see.

If He's In The Green Lantern Corp

What if André Gordon became 's John Stewart? Then we'd be able to cross one Earthling of the list. Plus, it's a good thing there are human members of the Corp, because that leaves Hal Jordan the next to be cast. That's if Warner Bros. decided to go the comic accurate route. Stewart and Jordan's appearances could pave the way for other human members of the corporation to arrive once the film hits theaters. Besides, the two are fan favorites, which will definitely go over well with audiences.

In the end, Stewart's role would establish the existence of the galactic group before their appearance in 2020. Let's just hope this finally pans out. We are still four years away from when the will be released, so until then we will have to see what happens in Justice League, when it hits on November 17, 2017.

Thoughts on André Gordon becoming Jon Stewart?

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